4 Essentials For Toddlers


Your cute little baby has got big and is now a busy toddler and you’re now left thinking about where all that time has gone. Toddlers are a whole new experience and you could even say forget everything you know (kidding). With their ability to run around, get up to no good, and too much energy, they’re sure to keep you on your toes. Toddlers are constantly learning about the environment and their curiosity can take them anywhere so you’ll be needing one eye on them constantly and lots of safety features around the home. While there’s bound to be worry and a few (or more) frustrating moments, overall you’ll be so proud of how clever and funny you little one becomes as they become more independent.

With no doubt, you’ll be needing some things to support their learning through curiosity and safety while they become mobile. Here’s a look at the essentials that you’ll need as a new parent of a toddler:

Stepping Stools

Toddlers just love to do things independently. But the problem is, they’re not always able to reach the things they want. A toddler stepping stool in the bathroom helps your toddler safely take part in the task as they learn the sequence to reach taller places. The bathroom is the best place to start as they can reach the sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth. Be wary about letting them use it in the kitchen, be sure to require any dangerous items of the surfaces and they can get pretty crafty when they start to independently use the stool.

Weaning Bibs

One of the best parts of parenting a toddler is helping them to learn about food. They learn about coordination, taste, touch, and smell all at once, which gets a bit messy. Coverall bibs are designed to cover the child as well as the space they’re eating from, making the mealtimes much quicker to clean up. It’s pretty cute watching them enjoy food and make a mess the first few times, but while you want to learn independently, you’ll also want to save time cleaning up with a weaning bib!

Toddler Bed Rail

It will become apparent quickly that your toddler is ready to change from their crib to a bed, there are a few options to consider. You can either convert the crib into a bed, buy a completely new toddler bed, or with a rail, a bigger bed (if you want to invest in some they won’t grow out of so quickly. with a toddler rail there to prevent any mishaps and falling out.

Potty Chair

Potty training is here and it’s the one most people dread. There are plenty of creative options when it comes to potties to help your toddler use it correctly. Our advice is to get them involved in the selection process, if they pick it and aren’t forced to use it, they might be more open to using it! There are many more detailed blogs on potty training that are worth a read.

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