What Happens When You Lose Emotional Intimacy In Marriage?


Any marriage may deteriorate into a lonely, cold and boring mental torture, if the couple has completely lost the emotional intimacy between them. There are many ways how emotional connectedness becomes diminished. This is the result why so many husbands and wives are unhappy with their marriage. In this case, your marriage may grow resentful, angry and silent. When it happen, divorces and extramarital affairs are more likely to happen. When emotional intimacy deteriorates, we will see detrimental consequences on our marriage. It is also not easy for couple who have emotional intimacy problem to understand problems that are happening to them. In this situation, their love lives are simply breaking down. They no longer have the desire and spark of romance in their marriage. However, we may also encounter a situation where one spouse is losing the emotional intimacy, while another is still happy with the marital relationships. So, when the relationship declines suddenly, the content spouse may not have an idea what’s happening.

The problem can happen if one spouse feels that his/her emotional intimacy is being met. This situation can be quite difficult to recognize, if the couple have different view and standards on the proper degree of intimacy that they need to have. When it happens, the husbands and wives will become emotionally detached and they no longer become a single unit. Financial obligations, work requirements, house chores and other responsibilities may cause intimacy in the family to degrade. If you don’t seek to remedy the problem, then the desire will fade, the marriage becomes boring and your love dies. This is a potential foundation for loneliness to set in, resentment to develop and eventually, anger to escalate; making the problem even worse. In an unhappy marriage, it is quite common to find low self esteem and depression. Over time, the emotional intimacy plummets to a very low level that the couple feels that their marriage is just a torture. So, it is important to consider your situation, if everyone is no longer on the same page.

It is important for couples to avoid creating an invisible barrier between them. Sadly, many married couples not only grow apart, they may even move in opposite direction. It is important to make sure that we are able to find out about the causes of loss of desire and boredom. Unfulfilled needs and unmet desires should be resolved to make sure that the couple can regain what they need. The couple need to talk and review their original goals and desires about marriage that have before the wedding day. With proper communication, you shouldn’t feel all alone in your marriage. You no longer feel resentment toward the spouse and you won’t feel angry again. If you are able to regain emotional intimacy, your sex life will recover and this will increase your happiness. You should be aware that problems are getting really serious if your marriage turns into a sexless relationship. You need to get everything well balanced to achieve happiness.

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