Ways to Make Your Kids Listen to You Without the Need to Get Angry


You don’t want to keep getting angry with your kids just to make them do what you want. It’s an endless cycle. You ask them to do something, and they disobey. Due to frustration, you get angry, and your kids cry. In the end, nothing gets resolved. It’s even worse when you’re in public. You’re only embarrassing yourself and your child because of these disputes. Therefore, it’s important for you to train your child to listen to you even without the use of force or a screaming match.

Start at home

You need to set clear rules at home. Your child will find it easier to listen to you when you’re in public if it’s already a habit at home. You don’t need to set consequences for misbehaviour, but you have to train your child to obey you with just a few words. If you say that it’s time to sleep, your child won’t argue with you. If you say no to a toy that your child wants to buy, they will quietly return it to the shelf and move on. It takes time to have this relationship, but you will get there with constant reminders at home.

Be a good example 

You have to show to your child that you’re doing the right thing. When asked to do the same, your child will gladly obey. For instance, you can’t tell your child to have a curfew on the use of their phone when you’re still on your phone until late at night. If you don’t use EMF protection to protect yourself against radiation, you can’t ask your child to use it. It’s easier to make your child obey your wishes if you show how to do the right thing.

Speak with a calm voice

Children don’t know how to react to someone being violent to them. When they cry, it’s due to their overwhelming feelings. They don’t know how to react, so they end up screaming in tears. You have to practice speaking in a soft voice. When talking to your child, bend your body lower so you will be talking closer to each other. Your child will listen to you when you talk respectfully to them. The good thing is that your child will also do the same to other people. It’s a good value to have while growing up.

Learn how to ignore 

When your child insists on something, you have to be tough. You can’t give in right away. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to ask your child to follow you next time. When you’re in a situation that requires you to be tough, you have to do it. You will feel pain inside, but it’s the only way to train your child to be nice and respectful without feeling entitled.

You want to raise an obedient and loving child. These tips will help you avoid raising a spoiled brat who always insists on doing things their way.

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