Signs that You Hosted a Successful Conference


It’s not easy hosting a conference, especially if it involves hundreds or even thousands of attendees. You will have a hard time making everyone happy. You will also deal with a logistical nightmare. Therefore, if you want to make the event successful, you have to plan it months in advance. You even need to find the best large conference venues to accommodate all of the possible attendees. Once the event is over, you will know that you did well because of these signs.

You receive generally positive feedback

It’s important for you to let your attendees answer a survey form. You can do it online, and they only have to click their responses. If they want to give more details, it would be better. It’s impossible for you to please all of them, but you need to receive a generally positive review. If the ratings are good enough, you can say that you were successful.

There were no terrible comments

If several things went wrong, you won’t hear the end of it. If it’s an event that involves people in power or high position, they won’t have second thoughts about expressing their disappointment. It’s also true for professionals who always attend conferences. They have a point of comparison, so it’s easy for them to judge your organization skills. If you didn’t receive any terrible comments, it means the event was great.

You felt great

Before you even think about other people, you have to ask yourself. If you were dissatisfied with what you organized, you will be the first one to judge yourself. However, if you can say that everything went as planned, it’s a good thing. You have standards for success, and if you felt like you didn’t reach them, you wouldn’t feel happy right now. You would feel exhausted and empty. A successful event will also make you excited to host another one soon.

You didn’t need to rely on your alternative plans

When planning big events, it’s good to have an alternative plan. It helps you come up with the next step when things don’t go your way. However, it would be even better if you don’t have to think about these alternative plans because your original plan went smoothly. If every detail happened as expected, it points to success.

People directly express gratitude to you

When you organize big events, you’re usually behind the scenes. People appreciate keynote speakers, guests, and other individuals seen on stage. If some of them went out of their way to meet you and express their gratitude, it’s a big deal. It means that a lot of the attendees felt satisfied that they wanted to meet with the brain behind the event.

If you received positive reviews, you have to use them as inspiration to do even better next time. You will definitely have more opportunities to prove yourself. You already set the bar high, and it’s time for you to set it even higher.

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