Plan Your Taxes Well Says Barry Bulakites


One of the inevitable things in life is paying your taxes, this is something you can escape from, and you have to pay your taxes to the government. What you can do at the most is, find ways and means to reduce them to a considerable extent, as much as they do not hurt your lifestyle. Barry Bulakites the expert and veteran in the financial services industry can help you understand what tax is all about and how you should pay it.

This is the reason he endorses tax planning and it is because of the kind of experience he has in this regard that he has been able to work with big names such as Cleveland Browns, the United Jersey Bank, the Republic of Singapore, Hamilton Standard and several others of their stature. The American Tax Solutions and America’s IRA Centers are two places where he is known as the innovator of financial services, especially when it comes to retirement plans.

Barry Bulakites is the co-owner, president and the chief distribution officer of the Table Bay Financial Network Inc. his knowledge in this respect is so extensive that he is invited to be a motivational speaker at numerous places globally and has around 250 speeches to deliver single year. He also makes television and radio appearances. He further imparts his wisdom through his blogs, and in one such blog, he has given tips on how one can plan their taxes so that they can get the most exemption that is possible.

Tax planning is, in reality, the understanding of the tax liabilities of an individual and what are the measures that can be taken to reduce them as much as possible. This means that the first thing that needs to be done is to comprehend the financial standing of the individual, having in mind the goal of achieving the highest tax efficiency possible. According to the experts if one follows the following itinerary they are sure to sail through this process rather smoothly.

As they say, procrastination breeds corruption, so it is always a wise thing to start this planning early and not wait until March when it is time to settle the tax issues. This helps in being able to sort out the income and expenses with a steady mind frame and not in a hurry with tension. The next thing would be to efficiently, with the assistance of your financial advisor, analyze the liabilities of your tax.

Next, analyze the profile risk level and ask your tax expert to look for an investment risk that your business entity will be able to take. There are three things to keep in mind while doing this – risk required, risk capacity and risk tolerance.

The final thing that you need to do is look for the right places to invest, but remember to check the overall terms and conditions of the investment and make sure it is able to satiate your risk appetite. Of course, there are several DIY tax programs you can choose to select of your own accord, but even then you ought to keep the above-mentioned points very clear when dealing with this.

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