Are Bars Safe to Go to At Night?


Drinking and partying are nearly a set expectation for all early twenty-year-olds up to thirty-year-olds.  The idea is fun, getting to spend time cutting loose with friends- but the news and a lot of popular media can scare all of us into reconsidering if that’s a safe decision.  If you’re considering going out to bars and aren’t sure if you’ll feel safe after dark- here’s some information you should know.

You’re Safer In Pairs

If you’re going to a new bar, and you don’t feel safe, the best course of action is to have someone you trust with you.  This social buffer will help you check out an area while also having a backup if you start to get uncomfortable.  Your friend can help you keep an eye out for your drink, and again, you two can have fun hanging out together and having fun.  Of course, you can go to bars alone, but taking a friend is your best option if you feel unsafe.

Watch Your Drink

There are plenty of horror stories about people leaving their drinks out and bad things happening.  You don’t have to know everything about the people you’re around- but keep an eye on your glass.  If someone buys you a drink, accept it directly from the bartender, and if someone seems to meddle with your drink, leave it, and get another.  It might suck to lose out on that seven dollar appletini, but it’s better to spend another seven bucks than to put yourself in danger.

Don’t Be Predictable.

If you’re worried about people following you home or being creepy, it’s good to avoid setting a schedule.  Go at different hours, on other days, and generally don’t try to become predictable.  Creeps and weirdos might catch on to patterns, and having them know where and when you’ll be a quick recipe for disaster.  Instead of giving them that opening, be a little unpredictable.  You can still have fun and drink and party, just with the peace of mind that nobody is following you.

Pick A Favorite Spot

That old sitcom song about ‘everybody knowing your name‘ can be great to keep safe.  If the staff are familiar with you and you’re friends with some of the regulars, there’s a higher chance that they’ll notice if something goes amiss.  Instead of trying to be aloof and keep your distance- which may be useful in new places, try to make friends with the waitstaff and familiar and safe-seeming customers when you keep coming back.

Overall most bars are safe to attend most times of the day and night.  The critical thing to remember is it’s not the bar that’s dangerous, or the city even- regardless of whether you’re in Chicago or looking for Charleston houses for sale.  Be aware of the people themselves.  If you ever feel like you’re in trouble, or something feels wrong, get help.  Your safety and peace of mind are more important than worrying about social graces.

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