Products That Injured Athletes Should Use


There are different products that can help athletes to perform well. They need all the available tools to win in various tightly contested game. Eventually, nagging injuries and discomfort will happen. For deep muscle injuries, a proper product is called ThermoDerm; which is a gooey and thick substance. The product is simple to apply and it should be able to warm the muscles for suitable period of time. ThermoDerm should work for about two hours and it should penetrate quite deep.

ThermoDerm and similar products have minimal scent; and can be washed off relatively easily. Another type of product that can be useful is Biofreeze, which is useful for compressing any injured of muscle tissue. This product is also useful if you want to treat conditions, such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and general joint pain. Biofreeze provides cooling effect that can easily relieve your pain. Professional athletes will be able to deal slight pain more easily and they will be able to finish the sporting event in a proper manner.

Biofreeze should have limited odor and just like ThermoDerm, it should also be easy to wash off. Biofreeze is easy to apply and it should provide quick cooling effect to ease any kind of soreness. The product is quite beneficial, because it can be applied immediately. There’s also coolant spray product that can easily deal with soreness through immediate cooling effect. However, sprayed products usually don’t penetrate as deep or last long, compared to products that are applied on the skin.

Tape and wraps should also be ideal for any athlete. They are available from many places, including many drug stores. Some people prefer to choose tape with 4-inch width, because it is able to cover more areas, preferably with less sliding. Some tape products have Velcro at the end of the wrap, so there’s no pointy clip that may scratch your skin. Athletes may also consider using cohesive elastic bandage, with stretchable wrap that can stick to itself. The bandage should be able to conform properly to many body joints, small or large.

The cohesive material will stick to itself, not to the hair or skin; so the removal process would be easy and painless. When choosing cohesive material, you should make sure that you are able to tear it easily, without scissor, small knife or other sharp objects. Another type of product is Fabrifoam flexible wrap that has a layer of flexible insulation for better compression and support. After the first aid treatment for injured athletes, it is a good idea to perform the cold therapy.

With proper cold therapy, you should be able to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. With chemical cold pack, athletes should be able to deal with cool sensation, without any kind of direct freezing or refrigeration. You will only need to squeeze the bag to activate it and then the bag will become cold. The bag can be applied to any injured part of your body. When combined with adjustable neoprene wrap, you should have hands-free application.

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