Health Benefits Of Fenugreek


Are you aware that certain herbs can do many wonders to your health? Fenugreek is one of those plants that can help improve many areas of your health.

Indigenous to North African, Southern Europe and India, fenugreek is a herb similar to clover having three separate leaves per stem. The seeds are used in cooking, medicinal production, or to hide the taste of other medicines.

Known particularly in India as methi, this herb has similar taste and smell of maple syrup.

How does Fenugreek Work?

According to WebMD, fenugreek works by slowing your body’s absorption of sugars especially in the stomach, and also helps stimulate insulin. So this herb is primarily used to help lower blood sugar levels and diabetes.

Aside from being a blood sugar regulator, what are some of the desirable health benefits of this herb? Read on to find out more!

Elevates Athletic Performance


Yes, fenugreek can help elevate your exercise or athletic performance. According to Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, a combination of this herb and creatine can greatly improve strength and body composition in men.

The reason behind this benefit is the ability of fenugreek to enhance your body’s creatine uptake while it eliminates the need for taking carbohydrates.

It was concluded that creatine combined with fenugreek supplementation had a significant effect on upper body strength and body composition, which is comparable to a combination of creatine with dextrose.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties


This herb is known to lower internal inflammation and is sometimes used as an external remedy used to apply directly to the skin.

Fenugreek can help reduce inflammation and can treat pain and swelling in the muscles and lymph nodes, gout, wounds, leg ulcers, sciatica, dandruff and eczema.

Lowers Blood Sugar Level


Research shows that taking 5 to 50 grams of fenugreek seed extract, once or twice daily, reduces the amount of sugar in the urine.

This means that fenugreek is an ideal herbal remedy for treating people with type 2 diabetes.

Increases Libido in Men

libido in men

Like other herbal plants, fenugreek isn’t just beneficial for your overall health, but also for men’s sexual function.

According to experts, this herb helps treat hernias, erectile dysfunction and other male problems such as hair loss.

The reason for fenugreek’s sex-enhancing properties? Well, this herb has been shown to help increase your body’s production of testosterone, a male hormone responsible for muscle growth, sex drive, physical performance and many others.

This is the reason why fenugreek is included in many dietary supplements such as nootropics, weight loss and sports nutrition brands.

Improves Digestion

improves digestion

Based on Indian medicine Ayurveda and other herbal medicines, fenugreek has been used to help treat a variety of digestive disorders.

The water-soluble fiber in this herb helps regulate your digestive system, which is not just going to help reduce your risk of digestive-relative diseases, but will also help cleanse, detox and lower your cholesterol levels, which in turn reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Some of the known digestive disorders that fenugreek can be beneficial include stomach inflammation, constipation, upset stomach and many others.

Breast Milk Production

breast milk production

People suggests that this herb can help increase milk production in breastfeeding women.

How does it work?

Fenugreek functions as a galactagogue, a substance to increase milk production. It helps stimulate milk ducts and this triggers milk production increase in as little as 24 hours from initial herbal intake.

Promotes Weight Loss

weight loss less fat

According to, the main slimming properties of this herb is its ability to increase testosterone levels in men.

As you know, testosterone doesn’t just promote muscle growth and performance enhancement, but it also promotes fat loss.

Research suggests that fenugreek can also help reduce your daily fat intake when taken at a dosage of 392mg, three times daily for at least 2 weeks.

Fenugreek also promotes energy increase as well.


Fenugreek is a plant that can be used in a variety of medicinal purposes. Though you still have to consult your doctor first before you intend to use this herb for whatever reasons.

Hopefully this article has informed you about the many benefits of fenugreek.

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