How Vitamin B5 Could Help People With Acne?


For people who have acne, vitamin B5 or panthotenic acid could really be quite helpful. Larger doses of vitamin B5 should reduce oil production and this could remove acne. It should work similarly like Accutane, which also reduce the production of skin oil. Accutane works by shrinking the oil glands, so the production will be reduced significantly. In any natural metabolism process, our body should be able to break down fat easily. However, without enough coenzyme-A, our body will not be able to break down all fat and the excess will need to removed in some way. It can be ejected as oil or sebum on our skin, through the oil glands. In this case, we need to make sure that our body has enough Co-enzyme A to transform all fat.

Coenzyme-A is consisted of three things, cysteine, ATP and panthotenic acid (vitamin B5). Our body can produce cysteine and ATP, but vitamin B5 needs to be absorbed from food. If we have enough vitamin B5, it is very likely that our body will also have enough coenzyme-A. More fat is broken down and the amount of oil on our skin will be removed significantly. If we have less oil in our body, our pores won’t be clogged. The clogging is consisted of organic material, which bacteria will feed upon. They will multiply rapidly and cause infection, which make acnes to appear. Larger dose of vitamin B5 should work on more than 90 percent people with acne and this should be a highly effective medications.

 Vitamin B5 is water soluble and definitely safer than Accutane. Vitamin B5 is more effective than Accutane, because it directly boosts the conversion of fat, instead of shrinking the oil glands. Accutane should be used only if vitamin B5 isn’t enough and you need a bit of Accutane to get better results. In some cases, you need up to 12 grams of vitamin B5 each day to get the best possible results. However, you should know that high dose of vitamin B5 could cause stomach irritation in some people, so you need to start at 4 grams then ramp it up slowly. Once you start to experience side effects, you need to reduce the dose and this can be considered as maintenance dose. Another problem with high amount of vitamin B5 is that, the amount of other vitamin Bs can be depleted in our body.

It means that you also need to take multivitamin, containing other vitamin Bs. It is also a good idea to get pantothenic acid, which is easier to absorb by our body. However, finding a vitamin B5 in powder form is more difficult to obtain. Health food stores in your area may offer it, but in smaller cities or town, this product may not be available. In general, vitamin B5 in powder form can be more expensive than the one in pill form. So, you may need to look for reliable online sellers that can provide quality vitamin B5 powder at reasonable price level.

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