Advantages and Disadvantage of Different Tiles


Tiles come in numerous shapes and sizes. They can be utilized for the floor, for walls, in the kitchen for things like seats and splashbacks. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.


Read on to find out about the diverse sorts of tiles, their preferences and detriments and what they are generally utilized for.



Pink Tiles


We should begin with the most well-known tile that everybody is familiar with. Ceramic tiles are usually seen and used in bathrooms and showers. They are hard, waterproof and simple to clean.


Within the ceramic tile range, there are tiles that are made for walls and there are tiles that are made for floors. Wall tiles nearly always have a gloss (shiny) finish and are thinner and lighter than floor tiles. This allows for easier installation.


Floor tiles are thicker and heavier than wall tiles. Since individuals will stroll on them and furniture can be put away on them, they should be exceptionally solid. Floor tiles can likewise have a gloss finish and this is regularly the situation for living territories.


Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are using a ceramic tile in a wet area like the restroom, it is best if you don’t use a gloss finish. A gloss finish means the tiles will be slippery and dangerous when they get wet.



White Bathtub on White Tile Bathroom Near Brown Framed Clear Glass Window


Stone tiles are typically overwhelming, exceptionally solid and furthermore ready to withstand a ton of discipline and traffic. They can be produced using marble, slate, sandstone, travertine and different other normal stones.


They either come in a natural finish or a machined finish. A machined finish means the top of the tile has been cut back to give a flat surface in the same way that ceramic tiles are flat. A natural finish means the top of the tiles has only been roughly cut and they will have natural dips, grooves, and bumps. Which ones you use comes down to personal choice and the look you are going for. Both can be very beautiful and effective.



Seamless, Tileable, Texture, Cork, Floor, Wooden

Cork tiles are typically 300mm x 300mm and as the name proposes, are produced using cork. Cork tiles are prominent for use on floors in general living areas. They are a lot warmer than ceramic tiles and much calmer.


Another advantage to cork tiles is that they are softer than ceramic tiles. This means they are more comfortable to walk on, but also if you drop a glass or something similar it is less likely to break if you have a cork floor.


The drawback of cork tiles is that they are not as hard wearing and tough as ceramic or stone tiles. Basically they are a less expensive option in contrast to something like stone, however, over years they should be replaced and can cost significantly more.



two women sitting on sofa and floor inside gray painted room

One advantage of carpet tiles over normal carpet is that you can replace individual tiles if they get damaged or stained. This is a great way to keep your floor looking brand new for years to come. Carpet tiles are also easier to handle than trying to get in a bit roll of carpet.


If you have a very big area that you want to carpet it may be that it is not possible to get a roll of carpet big enough. In this case – carpet tiles are the perfect solution. Carpet tiles in Perth are more common in large areas like halls, office buildings, and business premises. This does not mean you can not use them for your home. They come in many designs and are usually very easy to clean. Great for a large kids room or activity area.



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Vinyl flooring was traditionally only available in a sheet, however, it is now possible to get vinyl tiles. This is similar to cork or carpet tiles. Vinyl tiles are very cheap, hard wearing and warm and soft underfoot. You can get various designs to match whatever look you are after. You can even get vinyl that has a timber look to it.


Modern vinyl is suitable for use in any area, including wet areas like bathrooms. It is a great alternative to more expensive tiles like natural stone and gives any area a great facelift. The use of vinyl tiles in Perth bathrooms can sometimes have a negative impact on the resale value of your home. The Perth market sees them as a cheap option. If you are not considering selling in the near future they are a fantastic and much cheaper alternative to ceramic and very easy to lay.


Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles, Spanish Tile, Hand-Made, Floor, Wall


These tiles do not warp, they’re a sustainable and eco-friendly form of home decor, they’re resistant to mold, fungus and bacteria growth, and they’re one of the warmest types of tiles. Terracotta tiles actually retain more heat than most non-heated tiles!


Another benefit of terracotta tiles? They’re absolutely beautiful, adding a refined, earthy element to any space. Add them to a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway and you’ll bring the natural wonder of terracotta tiles home.

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