Here’s How You Can Give Your Netflix Experience A Boost


If you’ve been whiling away those precious hours binge-watching show after show on Netflix then newsflash – we’re all sailing in the same boat! Be it catching up on ‘Suits’ or getting all starry eyed watching Peter Kavinsky in ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, Netflix plays a huge role in beating those post 9 to 5 blues, not to mention a good part of our weekend is spent gobbling up season after season of the new show we’ve started watching!

Considering we’re all spending so much time Netflixing, shouldn’t we have some tricks up our sleeves that will give our viewing experience a much needed boost?

Lucky for you guys, there are a range of features and tools that can make Netflix even better than what it is now. These tips will surely make your streaming 10x awesome and more user-friendly.  

So let’s all take a look at how we can make the good better, and the better best!

  1.     Finding the crème de la crème

There’s a labyrinth of TV shows and movies to paddle through and the user ratings might not be helpful always which makes our job of deciding what to watch quite tasking. To deal with this, you can use the NEhancer which is a chrome browser extension that will come to your rescue when you’re stuck in the library of movies and shows. What this does is add crucial inputs from Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic along with trailers to nearly every film coupled with links to IMDb pages. If you’re a Firefox user, you can use Netflix Rate which is similar to this tool.

  1.     Pick out something absolutely random to watch

The opposite of paddling through the Netflix library looking for the good stuff, you could take the counter approach and pick out something absolutely random. You can give Flix Roulette a shot to single out something completely out of the blue or you can also narrow down the randomness by adding filters based on the actors, directors and other keywords in case you want a bit more targeted spin at the wheel.

  1.     Steer clear of spoilers

Given the notoriety of the digital age, spoilers can just happen to you unexpectedly. Even the thumbnail images and text descriptions of episodes of a series have to be approached with caution. To eliminate the possibility of this happening to you, you can disable these options using the chrome browser extension Flix Plus that allows you to alter up to 18 individual features to get the perfect Netflix experience.

  1.     Get quality recommendations

Looking for recommendations? Start off with Reddit! There’s an entire subreddit reserved just to discuss the best things available on Netflix and it uncovers hidden gems while helping you come across shows and movies that you would otherwise turn a blind eye on. There are several other sites as well that will help you find the best of the best on Netflix and amongst these, ‘What’s on Netflix’ is perhaps the most excellent one out there.

  1.     Say adios to buffering

If you are watching stuff on your laptop or a computer, pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S will make a hidden menu pop up which you can then tinker around with to alter the settings that will help you to improve your streaming experience. Turning the bitrate of your stream down should help reduce the buffering in most circumstances, so do that, sit back and have fun!

  1.     Consider using a Netflix Unblocker

If you’re a tech-whiz then you should definitely consider looking up this option. You should know that Netflix offers different type of content to different countries and you can tap into that content by putting the free Netflix unblocker service to use. You can use Hola! or as these will help you change the DNS address settings of your device and point you to the other servers. Once you do this, your web browsing to some extent will be routed to a proxy server which alters your location and voila, you’ll have access to Netflix content from beyond the borders! How cool is that?!

Armed with these tips, you can hitch your socks right up and crank those radiators and dive into a whole new Netflix experience without a care in the world! Don’t forget to binge on a bucket of popcorns just for the culture!

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