How To Decorate Your Home With Spring In Mind


Spring is a joyous time to spend with your family and loved ones

H1: Colours Trends

If you have a very dark colour-based place and you are planning on changing the whole thing for this upcoming spring, then you made the right choice: forget black and grey as your main colours, as they usually remind people to winter and cold days. For this spring, you want your space to be focused on colours like Pink and White because peachy shades are the definition of spring. If you can’t stand peach, then you might wanna consider Yellow, combined with White, still.

H2: Blinds And Light

Blinds are a very important thing that many usually forget. This year, especially if you live in a sunny place, try intu blinds for your house, as they have the designer touch (a minimalistic sense) and they are usually quite cheap to buy. If your place is bright enough, it’s already a win, since spring is all about letting the light come in!

H3: Dark Wood Furniture

This year is all about contrast. Combining dark wood furniture with lighter colours in your space will be the best thing possible for your space as it will give a touch of style while containing the brightness (you don’t want it to be too excessive!). Another great starting point would be combining pictures and old paintings with glass accessories and such. Keeping the minimalistic touch, this is a great hint since it shows two faces of the same space.

H4: Your Decorations And Accessories

This year your space must follow the Los Angeles culture: having an intimate place that speaks to your guests about who you are and why it’s your place. With that in mind, the best approach (in particular to your outdoors) would be trying to put out as many accessories, pictures and, in general, everything that describes you and your hobbies.

H5: Lights

Spring and summer are probably the 2 seasons where you will have guests around your place on a regular basis, especially during the night. If your place is quite dark at night time, then try and add some more lights to it. A good pick would be adding LED strips, since they are cheap and durable!

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