4 Ways to Confuse and Trick Your Rummy Opponent


A rummy game requires your best thinking strategies and skills to grab a win. Once you play the game often, you know which tricks and techniques can increase your chances of winning. If you are an intelligent card player, you will try to trick opponents than playing your own cards. This way, you force the opposite player to change his game strategy on your whims, and confuse him enough that you land up winning the game.

Some ace players are experts at bluffing their opponents. So, if you practice enough, you can definitely improve your game-play. Play practice games at the start and games that include low stakes. And once you become an expert, you can play rummy and earn real money quite easily. You can take on difficult challenges of cash games and tournaments and give a tough competition to other players, enjoying the thrill of every difficult, yet overwhelming win.

Below-mentioned are a few more techniques that you can use to trick players in a rummy lobby.

  1. Discard the Right Cards

If you get a good hand of rummy cards, all you need is a card or two to complete a pure sequence. You can use the discard technique here to get a card you require. For instance, you have 5, 6, and 8 of Heart and you need 7 of Heart to complete the pure sequence. So you can discard 8 of Heart, which may signal to the opponent that you do not need 7 of Heart. The opposite player may then discard this card, which you can pick to make the sequence.

To play rummy online for real cash, you need a lot of practice. Start playing with the discard technique and master it completely. Try it out on practice tables before you play the free roll games and cash games.

  1. Observe the Discard Pile

The discard section in a rummy patti game, allows you to go through all the cards discarded in the game. Most of the expert players browse this section to earn a win. If the pile just shows the topmost discarded card, then you need memorize the moves of the opponents, as to the cards they have discarded or picked from the open pile.

 By studying the cards discarded and the card taken by opponents from this pile, you can read their rummy hand, and guess which type of set or sequence they have formed or intend to make.

  1. Change Your Hand

You have the option to drop out of a game in case you get a bad hand. But you must do so before the 3rd turn, as after it you lose out on points heavily. In case you wish to stay in the game, you can change your hand by discarding cards and picking up new cards at a random. This behaviour itself will confuse the opposite player.

He may think that the cards you discard are what you do not need. But, what he does not know is, perhaps you are stacking related cards, and this way he gets tricked into discarding a card you need.

  1. High Point Cards

One of the common advices rummy players get is to discard high point cards as early as possible. If you play online real cash winning games, this strategy helps you to reduce the points in your rummy hand. In case someone else declares the game, you do not lose with heavy points. However, you can reverse this trick, and retain high point cards to quickly form a pure sequence, set, and a sequence.

If you are sure about other cards, then you can keep the high point cards, and to form a set or sequence, then pick a related high point card that the opponent discards. But use your judgement to understand how long you should hold these cards, before you can use these to make a valid sequence or a set.

The above-mentioned rummy tricks can help you gain an edge over your opponents. However, never lose your focus from the board, as it is then that you can win the game.

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