How to Fix a Bad Hand in a Rummy Game?


A game of rummy can be full of uncertainties. The type of cards you get may not be the best cards at first.  However, during the game-play you will get several opportunities to turn your hand from bad to good. Let us tell you that there is hardly any luck involved in classic rummy, apart from the kind of cards dealt to you at the start of the game and the ones that you draw from discard or draw pile. To do away with a bad hand of rummy cards, you need to use a few strategies.

Here are ways you can form a winning hand in rummy.

  1. Understanding the Discard Pile

A discard pile contains the cards, which each player discards from his/her hand. This pile is visible to all the players involved. You can keep a track of all such cards right from the time the 13 card rummy game begins. Observing the cards discarded by opponents and remembering those will help you understand the cards your rival need or the cards available for you to make a sequence or set.

For instance, if the opponent player discards a Queen of Heart, you will see it in the discard pile. Thus, you it may be safe (or not!) to drop a King or a Jack of Heart. There are fewer probabilities that in a game of rummy online, the opponent might pick the card since a similar card has already been dropped previously.

  1. Confuse the Rival

An advantage of having a bad hand of rummy is that you get to discard and pick a lot of cards. And this behaviour can actually confuse the opponent, as he/she may try to study the moves you make but not understand your game-play since you have been changing cards too often. Since you realize that in online rummy, the opponent does not have the facility to read your facial expression and guess the cards, you can strategize as to when and which cards to discard and pick, and make the game harder for the rival.

  1. Change the Cards

If you do not have suitable cards with you, your focus is utmost important. It is possible that a bad hand may discourage and you may end up playing in haste and make wrong moves. In the pursuit of playing unlimited rummy, you must not forget the purpose of the game. Change the cards in your hand one by one.

You can do so by discarding unsuitable cards and trying to make a sequence or set from the cards you pick. You may have to risk and pick playing cards from the discard pile, even if the opponent gets to understand the cards you have.

  1. Analyze the Cards of the Opponent

You must keep an eye on the cards, which the rival discards. Studying their moves will indicate which cards you should not give away and which cards you should hold on for a longer time. This is why examining your opponent’s moves is the key to a winning strategy.

  1. Be Confident of Your Hand

Even if you did not receive the cards you wanted, do not consider a ready defeat. Re-examine the cards, maybe there are a few that could lead to a set or a sequence with other cards that come by during the game. If you know how to play rummy, then you must be sure that a hand is never bad, as the skills and tactics you apply can be a game-changer anytime.

Fixing a bad rummy hand completely depends on how you make use of the cards you get or you pick, and turn the tables in your favour.

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