3 Inexpensive Content Marketing Ideas to Use for Your New Small Business


As a small business owner that’s just starting out in the entrepreneurial world, you’ll want to be saving as much money as possible in your early days. This will include keeping tight on your budget with your marketing needs. Luckily, there are plenty of content marketing strategies that can help you create huge amounts of content without spending huge amounts of money.

You need to expose your content to build brand awareness and engage potential customers that are likely to purchase your service or product. Being able to do this is a bit of a challenge at the beginning, but it can be achieved through great content marketing.

So, where do you start? Here are some low budget content marketing strategies to be aware of. 



You may have heard business advisors commenting on blogging for your business but it may raise the question why it’s needed. In fact, blogging is essential for your brand as it can help you to easily connect with your audience and provide them education on your expertise in the field.

The major purpose of blogs are to help answer burning questions that users may have, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get your voice heard and implement your stance in the industry. There are several blogging platforms available to start a blog but it can also be ideal to integrate a blog page into your website so users can be lead to your products and services too.


Posting on social media

Who isn’t on social media in today’s generation? It’s probably considered one of the most influential platforms in technology which makes it criminal to not be using it as a business. It’s an ideal platform to get your name heard and outreach to your customers and all it requires is a post every couple of days ago.

Whether it’s producing user generated content, introducing new products or simply getting your users involved in a poll, they can all help towards growing your brand identity design and making your brand more popular by increasing your customer base. 


Client Testimonials

Getting positive comments and feedback from your clients and customers can go an extremely long way to increasing your authority and trust from potentially new users. It’s also a great way to get your clients to write your content for you! 

By encouraging people to write reviews of your business, not only will it grow your content but it will help other customers to decide whether they should go for your service or product over other competitors.


Provide quality content to your business

The most important takeaway from this article is that although there are several strategies available to produce content marketing, no matter what it should remain consistent in quality. What you post to your users and others will be a reflection of your overall brand and you want this to be a good impression considering you’re a new, small business.

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