How To Effectively Deal With Unhappy Clients


Whilst you may have some of the best ratings on your Google business page, you’re bound to come across some clients that aren’t happy with your services. This could be from a mistake that happened during a project or simply something that occurred that couldn’t have been prevented – you still need to take action to resolve the issue. Whatever happened has been put to the past, it’s what you do going forward that’s now the most important and there are steps that you can take to help resolve the issue. Here’s how you can help deal with unhappy clients:


Stay Calm

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do it’s showing signs that you’re frustrated and angry because when a client is unhappy, they can slowly turn angry and frustrated too! They’re likely to be aggressive and rude at the beginning, but it’s only because they’re unhappy. The aim is to keep your composure throughout the matter and keep the situation under control. If you’re unsure how to do so, here are some tips. This way, you can manage the conversation how you wish it to go and the client is more likely to listen to you.



Regardless of whether you’re in the right or in the wrong, the client should always be seen as the correct one. Part of growing as a business is making sure that you keep loyal customers and maintain a good reputation, so apologise even if it wasn’t your fault. Sometimes, clients will be happy to go away with a sorry from you and that’s all it may take to resolve the problem.


Active Listen

Listening to what the client has to say should be your main priority. They’re clearly unhappy and talking over them won’t help the situation. You’re the direct person they need to go to about their problem and they come to you in hope that it’ll be resolved, but if you don’t listen they’re likely to feel that it won’t be. Respect the customer, wait for them to finish and then relay back to them what you believe their concerns are to show them you understand their concern as part of active listening. By doing this, they’ll feel as though you’re looking to make amends for what happened.


Present Them With A Solution

Once you’ve discussed their concerns and shown an understanding of the situation, it’s now time to present them with a solution. This will be the most important part of the conversation as they’ll definitely want a resolution but at the same time, manage their expectation and only provide a solution that’s within your means. If you don’t and you then can’t reach the solution, it could escalate the situation further.


Once you present the solution, then it’s important to check with the client whether they’re happy with the solution. This then means that whatever you do to resolve the solution, the client should be satisfied with the conclusion. If they don’t accept your offer, ask them what they would like you do, but again, manage their expectation.


To Conclude

No one enjoys handling unhappy clients but it’s part of being a business because no business is perfect. You aim should be to deal with the matter as quickly and efficiently as possible even if you’re in the wrong. In some situations, matters can escalate to legal proceedings which you’d hope it wouldn’t. If it does though, be sure to find the relevant corporate solicitors Manchester to support your side of things, otherwise, tackle the situation head-on and come to a conclusion as soon as possible.

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