9 Signs You Should Consider Replacing Your Windshield


As a car owner, your job is to know when it’s time to do some fixes or replacements on your car. Many times, serious troubles with a car get overlooked. A cracked or broken windshield isn’t considered a serious issue too often. So, here are a couple of signs to watch out for if you want to replace the windshield on time.

1. Obstructed view

If a chip on the windshield is directly in your line of sight while driving, it could compromise your safe driving. You could mistake the chip for another car and swerve abruptly, which could easily result in a collision.

2. Windshield looks different after the winter

Winter weather can lead to many issues with the windshield. As if that’s not enough, people often turn up their heaters inside the car, which can be hard on the windshield due to the big difference between the inside of the car and outside. One way to protect the windshield is never to use boiling water to de-ice the windshield because it could cause cracks. Another wise thing to do is to garage your car whenever you can to protect the windshield from cold temperatures. If you still notice that at the end of winter your windshield isn’t the same, it’s time for a professional to look at it.

3. Inspection renewal

You don’t have to wait for signs on the windshield to take the car to a professional. If you know that your car is up for a renewal of the safety inspection, then it’s a reason enough to do a checkup. You need to be sure there aren’t any signs of a damaged windshield before you take it for the inspection.

4. Small Cracks

Small cracks on the windshield are usually caused by a rock or a piece of hail. When that happens, many car owners think they can wait until they deal with the problem. But the fact is that it usually causes bigger issues. If you don’t do anything about the crack, the bigger it will get in time.

5. A lot of scratches

Scratches on a windshield are a pretty common thing because wiper blades damage the glass when they wear down to metal after some time. If the scratches get too deep, you will probably have troubles seeing clearly while driving. So, it’s better to take the car to a professional who knows when the right time for car glass replacement is.

6. An unsuccessful repair

If you have already taken your windshield for a fix, and it didn’t work, no need to try to fix it again. It won’t work now if it hasn’t worked the first time, so it’s time you get it replaced.

7. White Haze

Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is mostly used for treating windshields. It’s a thin layer of plastic that prevents the glass from shattering in case of a strong collision. If you notice a white haze around the edges, it means that PVB is wearing down and your safety is compromised.

8. Internal glass damage

Internal glass damage can’t be repaired like the chips and cracks from the outside. If you run your fingers along the glass inside the car and feel cracks or raised edges, you need to have the windshield replaced.

9. Missing pieces

In case of any missing pieces, there is no other solution than replacing the entire windshield. If you don’t do it, you are weakening the whole structural support, which could lead to sagging or problems with glass alignment.

Final comment

The windshield is there to protect you and the passengers from the outside dangers. Therefore, you need to take proper care of it, too.

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