Tips on How to Feel Comfortable When Talking to a Counselor


It’s not easy to go to a counselor to open up about yourself. The idea that someone you don’t know will be there to listen or even judge you isn’t easy to accept. Therefore, it’s courageous of you to accept that you’re finally going to a counselor to talk about your issues. It will feel uncomfortable at first. You might even find it weird that you’re allowing someone into your life. These are some tips to help you feel comfortable once you begin talking to a counselor.

Speak when you’re ready

No one will force you to open up if you still don’t feel like doing it. You can take as much time as you want before you start talking. You can also select the topics you feel comfortable discussing. Your counselor will respect whatever you decide to share.

You don’t have to answer all the questions

You’re going inside the room to express your emotions. It’s not a job interview where someone will force you to respond and judge your responses. You’re free to answer questions that you feel comfortable responding to, and decline any you’re not comfortable about answering. Your counselor will move on to the next question and get back to the previous question whenever you’re ready to respond.

You don’t need to be formal

Again, it’s not a job interview where you have to be conscious of your actions, including the way you sit. You can lie down on the couch or be in a more relaxed position. As long as you respect the counselor, it’s okay. You’re free to speak in any way you want and sit like you’re at home.

Think about the qualities of the counselor

You might think that you’re with a stranger in a room, but you need to understand that you’re next to an expert. This person has studied human behavior for years and dealt with many patients. Counselors also receive training to help them suspend judgment and be more objective in dealing with patients. You won’t feel like you’re in a difficult situation when you’re inside the room. You also know that whatever you share will remain private and confidential. You won’t have the same worries you might have when talking to someone you know.

You don’t need to follow the advice

The counselor will give you advice on how to solve your problems. It’s not necessary for you to accept and follow it. You can choose not to take the advice or argue against it. Your counselor will respect your decision. In some instances, you won’t receive any advice. Your counselor will only be there to listen. Therefore, a session with a counselor isn’t something to worry about.

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