Healthy Vacation: TOP Wellness Retreats Across The USA and Abroad


If you feel bad or stressed you need to escape from a daily routine. Where to find a right place? You need to leave all your problems far behind and take a trip to a wellness retreat. It can be more than just as a traditional spa break. Wellness retreats are specially designed to be focused on such specific programs as detox, weight loss, stress, anti-aging therapy. You can find retreats everywhere in the world, including the exotic islands and civilized countries. It doesn’t matter whether you are student or business lady on a business trip, you can rent a car San Diego under 25 and go across America to meet new and new retreats.

What makes your San Diego trip more pleasant and comfortable? Rental24h Company helps to make every your trip comfortable. Rental car is good to travel all over the country and abroad. Every trip, every new destination is going to be maximum pleasant and enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? With hand-picked destinations from all over the globe you are sure to find something to suit your wellness needs.

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Living Water Wellness, San Diego, USA

This cozy retreat is one of the worlds most desired vacation spots. You are offered to have comfortable time with your friends or privately. All-Inclusive retreats include:

  1. Room & board in luxury facilities
  2. Food and drinks
  3. Cleansing herbs, cocktails, & elixirs
  4. Training seminars
  5. Classes
  6. Entertainment
  7. Special guest speakers and trainers

You can pick such traditional treatments methods as colon hydro therapy, electro lymphatic therapy, detox, massage, yoga classes and even more. You can pick something interesting.

Amatara Yoga, Thailand

This yoga studio is located on the romantic coastline of Phuket. You can take a lot of interesting yoga programs here. You have a choice to practice yoga in private sessions, along with classes in meditation and philosophy. This is the perfect place to feel energetic and brave. Instructors always try to bring yoga into your every-day life. The cuisine is healthy, the service is high.


Lefay, Italy

Take a break and get some luxury spa. Spa treatment combines the latest modern techniques with an ancient local medicine. That is why you can build the training you need. The beautiful park lies along the seacoast where you can have your training. Such programs are popular like losing weight, bettering your well-being or even improving your posture you are sure to find something to suit.

Ananda, India

This is a unique wellness retreat that is based on the healing philosophy of your health and body. The programs boost your well-being. What do Ayurveda spa holidays offer to you? First of all, this is a beautiful and peaceful place. Secondly, it offers a menu of over 80 treatments. There are programs that are focused on detox, refreshing, health restoration and care.

“The continuous narrative of existence is a lie. There is no continuous narrative, there are lit-up moments, and the rest is dark.” ―Jeanette Winterson 🍅 🌱 🍛

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, New Zealand

Now about having some retreatment among the amazing nature views and New Zealand landscapes? The program is based on stimulating you to the full, from head to a toe. The retreat classes are given in groups up to 30 visitors. The atmosphere is friendly and pleasant. What is more, you should try vegetarian healthy cuisine, meditations practices, relaxing massages.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

The programs of this glorious school are well known with its strictness and rules. They are mostly focused on healthy food habits, weight loss. There is a new practice – macrobiotic spa. This can be a present to yourself or to one of your friends on their birthday. The clinic program offers physical activities, lectures, cooking therapy, dietary. You can get your wellness experience and share it with pleasure.

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Of course, it may be rather problematic to pick the right destination for you. Your list of the world wellness retreats can be added with any European or Asian country. You can find all necessary information from the website and talk to one of their specialists. This is your chance to discuss you’re your body needs. Don’t worry, the variety of treatments is big but they are oriented on mental, physical and emotional fitness. There are many places where you can take some SPA and other relaxing procedures.

You can meet such interesting and exotic practices as forest bathing, special dietary, innovative nutrition, including vegan and gluten – free diet, detox programs. But first of all, the programs are offered to boost balance between the body, mind and soul. So, if you’re ready to recharge and retreat yourself, start your San Diego trip right now! Your journey across America can be prolonged in any other country on your choice. First of all, it is not a problem to find a good car according to your age and budget. Secondly, wellness retreats are popular all over the world and this must be easy to pick one for you.

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