Spice Up Your Kids Room With These Details


The moment they come on this world, kids have a mind of their of own. Either as little babies, toddlers, and young teens, kids know how to express their unique character and what they want. This reflects their bedrooms. Making a specially designed room to suit their preferences, wishes and personality is not an easy task. There is an abundance of things to consider, from the color, style, patterns, and of course, the details. If you are struggling to come up with perfect details to spruce up your kid’s room, here is a one-of-kind list that will get you covered.


  • Enhance their curiosity

It is vital to allow your kids to have a say of what they want or don’t want in their room. Selecting bulky furniture should be your job, like picking out the closet, bed frame and chairs, but let your kids choose the color and style. Kids have a vivid imagination, and they may have cartoon characters that they love. Evoke their little minds by decorating the bedroom with details of their favorite subject. Use it as a theme. Space, kittens, flamingos, spiders, or any popular cartoon character. You don’t have to make it stand out, bed sheet, a lamp, a few stickers will do the trick.


  • Use their artwork

The moment kids start drawing, they will be producing tons of pictures and craft projects. With time you won’t have any space left on the fridge or office desk for the display, therefore a fantastic idea is to frame their drawings into riveting and colorful frames and hang them in their room. You can make a fun photo collage or splendid gallery wall. Plus, creating a banner using strings and paper clips will be a very creative detail that shows originality and their playfulness because you will be able to change the drawings with new ones at any time.


  • A drop of contemporary spirit

A touch of modern design will surely make every child’s room a place where they can grow. Creating a room that will be multi-purposed will surely save you time and money. Monochrome furniture is the best solution for that matter. White closet and bed, accompanied with stunning aubergine rug like Carpet Right have to offer will open up the room and add a touch of warmth and coziness to the space to let him play unrestricted. Having a quality rug and plenty of floor space allows freedom to move, play and imagine. Place stylish monochrome-styled storage boxes around to tidy away any clutter, add black lanterns and maybe spice it u with mint and pink cushions to add contrast.


  • Opt for charming design

One easy and crafty way to spice up your kid’s room is to play with colors and designs. Consider painting walls in a linear manner but going only for two different shades. Yellow and pinkish for the girls, and orange and light for the boys for example. It will open up the room and give it a charming touch. Next, place versatile vintage furniture pieces, give them a makeover and a new purpose. You can use an old-fashioned and tedious chest of drawers and upcycling it using paint and decoupage. Play with their initials by using Styrofoam and glue flowers or butterflies on them to act as a stunning detail on top of a delightful new chest. Never go with the “play it safe” idea. Make your kids room functional by adding bold and brave details that will exude their character.


  • Maximize the storage

Kids grow way too fast, and very often they change their mind and get bored with a lot of things very quickly. Keeps things simple, avoid themed bedroom, and maximize the storage so that they would have enough space for play. Go for inventive and clever DIY storage that can also act as exquisite undetected details. Beds with built-in storage, bright and colorful cabinet with fun artwork and toys, slim-line desk and open-storage bookshelves are all great ways to use every scrap of space as efficiently as possible. You can create an extra sitting area and make toy boxes and low-level bookcases as a seating area.


Get your children involved and all together create a fun and entertaining room that will be functional and versatile. As long as you pick out the details together, your kids will learn to cherish and value the stuff he or she owns.

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