Teenage Girls Bedrooms and Bedding Ideas


Teenage girls are a world unto themselves. Even those of us that used to be them can have a hard time tapping back into what it really felt like to live in that realm. It can be an amazing time. It can also be a tough time. That’s why it’s so important that teenagers have a safe space that can retreat to when they need to regroup and reset. Home should obviously be that place in general, and their bedroom should be that space, specifically.


One of the most important purchases for a bedroom for anyone any age is bedding and your teenager is no exception. In fact, while your teen daughter may look more like an adult, she is still very much a child and her developing brain still needs lots of rest — though not always at the same time as a younger child or adult. In fact, as people reach adolescence, their biological clock moves forward, so they are more alert late at night and drowsier early in the morning. Unfortunately, schools still start early, despite your teen’s night owl habits, so you need to make sure their beds and bedrooms are places that inspire as much sleepiness as possible.


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How do you do this? By making it a place they love! This means giving them control over most of the room’s decor choices. That’s right: you’re going to have to relinquish a little control. But, when you see that your daughter enjoys her room so much she wants to spend more time in it (and in the house with you), it will be worth it.


Of course, it is still your house, so you will want to have (and are entitled to have) some say in what goes on. The key is to plan with your daughter so that it is a space you both feel good about. Here are some of the best bedroom and bedding ideas for teenage girls.


  1. Go Natural

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Your daughter may love the idea of silk sheets, but they are extremely hard to care for and need to be treated with care. Some people are up to this challenge. Others, not so much. Teenagers are busy, so the chances of them being able to properly care for and launder their silk sheets are slim to none. Silk, white beautiful, is also not very durable or warm. Remember: you want this space to be a source of comfort for your child. Opt for a more natural fibre like cotton or wool-blends. These have better thermoregulating properties, so they will keep your daughter cool when it’s hot and hot when it’s cool, and they are super durable and easy to care for. What’s more, quality cotton sheets look amazing too like the ones from IN BED, so your daughter can enjoy a beautiful, cozy aesthetic.


  1. Short-Term Dramatics

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Don’t judge your kid if they want to paint their whole bedroom black or crimson red or neon orange. Remember the zaney notions you had as a teen. However, for the sake of easy transitions when your child gets tired of it or when they move out and you can finally change it, encourage them to use dramatic accents, rather than more permanent additions. So, for instance, instead of overbearingly crimson paint on walls, suggest painting one wall this colour as an accent. Or DYing some crimson wall decor. For instance, you could take latticework, paint it crimson and then setup up against the wall, securing it with some no-damage double-sided tape. This affords your child the colour they want, but with a less overwhelming, less permanent solution.


  1. Mood Lighting

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Some incredible lighting is an affordable and easy way to completely transform a room. It’s also an accessory over which you can allow your daughter to have full reign. If she wants Chinese lanterns or ceiling-mounted floating lights under taffeta or a disco ball in the middle of her room: it’s a small and relatively inexpensive way to give her freedom of choice.


You’ll probably notice a trend here: you are allowing your daughter to express herself, while still setting a few, gentle parameters. This approach reflects her life-stage. Yes, she is getting closer to being an adult and needs to and certainly should be able to start flexing her independent muscle, but she also still needs to be able to work within a respectful relationship with her family. In other words, you aren’t only allowing her to decorate her room: you’re teaching her how to be a happier, more confident and more attuned person.


Happy decorating!


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