Looking for Airg reviews on businesses? Here are the top websites you should visit


AirG is a well-known and reputed UK-based mobile software developing company which has risen to the pinnacle of this industry since its inception in 2000. It now has over 100 million users globally and is best known for its social media applications such as the Hookt. along with others such as the AirG Games App. Not only that, but AirG also offers a wide range of advertising and business solutions to its clientele.

If you are looking to employ AirG’s services, their list of clients speaks for itself. Their services have been employed by household names such as McDonald’s, Samsung, Ford and Walmart among others.  However, with the help of a certain something called the internet, you have more tools than ever before to determine their reliability. There are many websites out there that are specially meant for business reviews. Of course, these sites can also be used to look up reviews on other businesses as well.

Since there are many such review platforms on the internet, it’s important to know which ones you can trust. Here are some of the best ones.

Angie’s List:

If you have ever opened a website where customers are allowed to leave their reviews anonymously for free, you are sure to read several strongly worded rants. This may or may not be the true representation of a company’s image, but there is no way of knowing. Angie’s List lacks the above problem thus making it one of the best websites in this category.

One needs to get a paid membership on Angie’s List before they can post any review on its platform. Because of its exclusivity, there are relatively clearer and more formally written reviews on this site. Businesses can set up their page for free and respond to any criticism they receive appropriately. Therefore, any 3rd person viewing the page has a balanced view of the matter and can make a well-informed decision.


You now have multiple options to check customer reviews online but none that provide as unique a view on the matter as Glassdoor. This is a place where present or past employees of a business can post reviews about their current or ex-employees. It gives an inside view on the company’s dealing which may help make up your mind about it.

With light shed on what happens behind closed doors, any potential client can elect to use the businesses’ services with ease of mind. It is always a bonus to know that a company treats its workforce well as that means there is a better chance they would treat their customers with similar respect. This is also a must-visit the site for prospective job applicants as it gives them an idea of what lies ahead.


Yelp is the number one and biggest business review platform at present. Over the 14 years of its existence (since 2004), there have been over 163 million reviews about restaurants, hotels, local businesses, etc. posted on it. It focuses on the simple concept that word of mouth and community reputation is the best determinant of a business’s standards and practices. After all, hundreds of people can’t all be wrong, can they?

It is the sheer number of reviews in Yelp library that makes it the go-to for so many people looking to get an idea about various companies. Users of this website give reviews on a scale of one to five stars along with comments. So powerful is the influence of Yelp that low average rating of business can actually drown it.


Facebook has certainly not been the only social media website in history, but it has become the largest and most long-lasting one to ever exist. Do you ever wonder why it has been able to hold its user base or why it continues to attract newer users even to this date? The simple reason is that Facebook offers more than just a simple social experience. It has games, videos, and even an online marketplace. This list of facilities Facebook offers is ever expanding and includes their ‘Professional Services.’

Through this service, business owners can create and manage their Facebook page. They can post things such as promotions and deals on this page to generate interest and attract customers. Conversely, customers can also post reviews about the business on the same page. These reviews are prominently visible on the page and are probably the most accessible ones available because literally billions of people use Facebook.

Better Business Bureau:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) aims to, as its name suggests, improve business practices. It is a non- profit organization based in the North American countries, i.e., the USA, Canada, and Mexico. BBB combines data like reviews and complaints from multiple sources to assign a letter grade between A plus to an F to the business.

The website has an intuitive search engine making it user-friendly. The customer complaints can be addressed by the company directly from the site and as ones responded to as marked as such. If a business has a good track record of responding to the complaints, it is eligible to getting BBB accreditation, which gives it a good name.

AirG reviews and indeed those for similar businesses are easy to come by nowadays as long as one knows where to look for them. It’s always a good idea to search up such reviews before stepping into an agreement with any company so that one knows exactly what to expect.

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