The Types of Fans Used Around The World


Air circulation and ventilation is a very important aspect of living. Without a proper air circulation, one is subjected to diseases, suffocation and various other problems. This problem intensifies during summer months when the temperature rises and the air gets hotter. In countries like India where power cuts are very frequent and air conditioners are very expensive, it makes sense to invest in good quality fans.

These can be of many types and be depending on their use can also vary in price and design. The most common type is the ceiling fan. A fan with three or more long blades, they can be easily installed in most homes and are designed to provide a continuous gust of wind in the room. This can be incredibly helpful in removing stale hot air and in keeping a constant temperature in the room. There are many designer ceiling fans and decorative ones, which come in various patterns and colors. The right one can add a pop of color to one’s room and the best ones can bring out the vibrancy in drawing and living rooms. India is by far the largest market for these fans and one can easily find one in every household.

Table fans are another type of fan which is a common commodity in households. They are much more compact in size and are designed to be used in smaller and more personal spaces. The most advantageous thing about these types of fans is their sheer portability. They can be carried from place to place with almost no hassle. They also blow air at a much higher speed, which can be useful especially when the heat wave is very strong during summer. The bigger versions of these fans are the pedestal fans, and they can provide strong gusts of wind throughout the room. Mostly used in office spaces and waiting areas.

Exhaust fans are another variety, whose utilitarian purpose is to suck out the stale air from the room. The most commonly used places are the kitchen and the washroom. These fans are very compact in size and have to be installed in a corner of the room. They move at very high speeds and in a counter-clockwise manner. The placement of the fan blade also allows for air to be pushed out and acts as a valve. It is a must and especially in places where there is a lot of heat and humidity. Stale air can leave diseases and odor, thus making it bad for people that inhale it.

In a generally hot place like India, fans are an essential feature in homes. They help circulate air and keep the air cool. Good quality fans can last one for a long time and if they look good, they can also add value to your rooms and spaces. Depending on one’s requirements there are many types of fans available. Purchasing one will help you beat the summer heat in style and you can enjoy a breezy flow of air as you sit back and relax during the hot summers.

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