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Few know the rights you have as a passenger in a taxi. The answers to these questions and more can be found on the following pages.

How much do I have to pay for a taxi ride?

There is no nationwide uniform taxi fare. The tariff is determined by the company seat municipalities themselves. This inevitably results in different costs for a comparable trip by taxi. In here there are about 800 different taxi rates. The cost of a taxi ride is a basic rate, a fee per kilometer driven and a taxi waiting time.

Supplements are legal:

In many cases, customers are very surprised that they have to pay an extra fee for their luggage or pet while driving in a taxi. However, this is legal and different depending on the city. The respective surcharges are regulated in the taxi regulations. The deals with the taxi-airports-transfer are there too.

What rights do I have as a taxi passenger?

The most important regulations for the taxi industry are regulated in the Passenger Transport Act, which has nationwide validity. Further regulations can be found in the respective municipal taxi regulations and thus they vary according to region, city or state.

What can you do if you have trouble with the taxi driver?

First of all, you have to determine which taxi you were traveling with. For each taxi is clearly identifiable with the entrepreneur’s sign. It is located in the field of vision of the passenger. It contains information about the name and address of the taxi owner. Next you will find in the right rear window an ordinal number with which the taxi can also be identified. And also the car number is an individual characteristic with which taxi you drove.

If trouble arises, then stay calm. As a rule, no quarrel can be solved in the taxi. Get a fully completed receipt. The taxi driver is obliged to. Of course, even if you disagree, for example, about the route or the price. Every taxi driver is obliged to carry sufficient forms and to fill them out correctly. The exact route is to be documented on it, as well as the ordinal number, amount and date. Depending on the nature of your disagreement, you use this document to contact the public order office or the police.

Your right as a customer of a taxi company:

They just wanted to get quickly from the station to the entrance of the pedestrian area. The taxi driver was too short and he did not carry me.

Certainly the situation can be very annoying for the taxi driver if he had to wait longer for a ride and then only receives the order for a short distance. However, the taxi driver must not refuse the ride! The obligation to transport exists even with short journeys of only a few hundred meters.

Why do you pay a different price for a comparable ride?

There are different rates from city to city. Likewise, the surcharges for the luggage to be transported or the payment method differ.

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