Stunning Florida: 8 Beaches to Enjoy a Sunny Vacation


The state of Florida is famous for being the most ideal place to relax in the USA. Its beaches deservedly occupy the first steps in the list of the best beaches in the world.

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean around Florida are much warmer than elsewhere in the America. On the peninsula, the climate is mostly subtropical, but in the south it becomes tropical one. In winter, it’s the warmest place in the United States with a temperature of +18…+21°C. Therefore, the beach season in Florida lasts all year round, and it’s simply impossible to find a better place for an unforgettable beach vacation.

The most popular beaches are located on the western and eastern coasts. Florida’s west coast beaches are ideal for a relaxing holiday with children and are easily accessible through ACE car rental in ST Petersburg FL. As for the eastern beaches – they are more suitable for the fans of surfing and other activities. If you decide to go on a trip to the beaches of Florida, you definitely need the following list…

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

(photo by Al Case)

Daytona Beach is known for hosting the races of sports motorcycles and the Great American Race. Its sandy coating is unique due to its high density, and is excellent for this kind of events. The beach stretches for tens of kilometers along the coast, so that the fans of a relaxing holiday will find a place for solitude without any problems.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida

(photo by ruri grant)

Miami Beach is one of the most famous and luxurious spots for full relaxation. Tourists remain delighted with the fine white sand and the amazing view of exotic palm trees. In addition to surfing and other beach activities, Miami will be remembered for an amazing show in the Seaquarium, a zoo with rare species of animals, and a trip to the Police Museum, which has no analogues in the world.


Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

(photo by Michele C)

Clearwater is the most crowded beach, but at the same time it’s the most comfortable and pleasant place. The coastline features a clean sandy ocean bottom, slightly refreshing water, toilets and changing rooms. Also, there’re picnic areas. If you decide to visit Clearwater Beach by car, the main thing is to find where to park your vehicle. Parking for 1 hour costs $3, or you can pay $20 per day.

Calm and shallow, with soft fine sand, it’s the best place to relax with the kids. The picturesque landscapes of a small town delight the eye. Palm trees in some places fit almost to the ocean itself and give cool protection from the sun rays.


Destin Beach


(photo by Sharee Laubert)

The northwestern part of Florida is called the Emerald Coast. It offers breathtaking landscapes, and the water near the shore is already warming up in early spring. Its white sands are ready to indulge vacationers until late autumn. Destin beach is known primarily for its excellent opportunities for fishing and snorkeling. Also, in Destin there’re golf courses where both amateurs and professionals can try their skills.


Islamorada Beach

Relax in Paradise - Islamorada, Florida Keys

(photo by Ursula Dubrick)

Located on the tropical island of Islamorada, this is one of the most charming Florida’s beaches. Golden sand, thickets of exotic plants, peace and harmony – the list of pleasures available on Islamorada is just endless. This is a favorite place for diving, whose fans are especially attracted by the coral reef situated near the island.


Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, Florida, USA

It’s impossible to forget about the calm beach of Panama City, where high school students and schoolchildren like to spend their holidays. Dolphins here swim very close to the shore, giving everyone the opportunity to admire their games. The most popular activities are scuba diving, surfing and parasailing.


Honeymoon Island Beach

Mangrove - Honeymoon Island FL

(photo by Garrett Uhde)

This is a true Florida-style beach. It’s located in the park, the entrance to which, together with parking, costs $8 for a car with a number of passengers from 2 to 8. There’re much more nature attractions and fewer people.

Of course, before entering the park, you can stop at the coastline and swim – many locals are used to do this. However, if you are in Florida on vacation, it’s better to go to the park on foot. It has a beachfront café, toilets and freshwater counters. The water here is far from refreshing, but more like warm milk. In order to get deep, you have to go long enough.


Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach, FL

(photo by David Ferrel)

Located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, Siesta Beach is a magnificent paradise that attracts tourists from all over the world. When getting there for the first time, tourists experience a very strange feeling – the smallest white sand, which resembles starch in consistency, doesn’t heat up in the sun at all, and the emerald, crystal clear water almost always remains warm.

The beach is about 1.5 km long and 8 meters wide. Its infrastructure is developed quite well – there are volleyball courts, cafes, children’s playgrounds, toilets, showers, picnic gazebos and a rescue point. The location of the beach is so successful that the coastal line is rarely exposed to storm surges and gusts of wind. The ebb and flow form natural shallows on which pelicans and seagulls like fishing. Siesta Beach is perfect for a relaxing family holiday, and for enjoying outdoor activities with friends.




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