The Best Ways of Getting Rid of a Heartburn

Millions of people suffer from a condition referred to as a heartburn on a daily basis. Although a majority of us do suffer from minor cases of heartburn, it’s good considering the fact that this is a condition that can cause a nuisance and become a hindrance to our normal daily activities.

Never forget that heartburn is a lifestyle disease and the cause is basically poor lifestyle and poor eating habits. People suffering from heartburn either eat very fast or eat the wrong kind of foods.

You need to first of all understand that heartburn is a condition of digestion. Despite what it’s called and what is usually felt during a heartburn episode, it’s not related to the heart in any way.

Heartburn occurs when the acid in the stomach contacts the esophagus of a person. Remember that the stomach acid has the ability of travelling up back in our bodies. When the acid contacts the esophagus, this causes an irritation and a burning sensation is therefore felt starting in a person’s diaphragm up to the chest and this is basically what many people refer to as heartburn. This is an unpleasant feeling and you must know how to prevent it in order to continually lead a normal life with a healthy body. Do that in the following ways;

  • Avoid taking large meals- Instead of having three large meals in a day, you should try taking up the habit of eating six meals that are smaller. This helps in keeping the production of stomach acid at a minimum which limits the likelihood of having a heartburn.
  • Loose that weight- If you know that you are overweight, try losing some weight. When the midsection has too much fat it means that there is too much pressure exerted on the stomach. When too much pressure is exerted on the stomach, this forces the acid to go up from the stomach to the esophagus. This is the reason as to why someone needs to lose weight.
  • Drink plenty of water- Instead of consuming plenty of carbonated drinks like a majority of us do, we should try drinking a lot of water. The amount of gas in the body is increased when we drink carbonated drinks which in the aftermath puts unnecessary pressure on the stomach. Water on the other hand doesn’t and it helps in flushing the stomach acid down.
  • Quit smoking- You should have it in your mind that the nicotine found in cigarettes prevent the proper functioning of the LES (lower esophageal sphincter). The function of the LES is acting as a valve separating the stomach acid and the oesophagus.
  • Avoid big dinners- Ensure to only have a light meal before going to bed, preferably, salad, soup or a sandwich. This makes digestion easy as the stomach is light. Carbohydrates and food that is starch based also helps in neutralizing stomach acid.
  • Proper posture when and after eating- This helps in minimizing the pressure that can be exerted due to bad posture which in turn prevents stomach acid from going up the esophagus.

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Eating as we all know is a part of life. The body obtains the nutrients it uses from the food we consume. Sometimes people go overboard in their eating habits which results in a gain of weight. One of the biggest issues with food has been emotional eating.

The emotional eating problem can end up with the scale however it usually begins in the mind. Stress does take a toll on a person’s life. When a person’s body defences become compromised the health takes a hit as well as their emotions.

Each of us has their good and bad days. The way we deal with the bad days brings the issue of emotional eating into play. People usually look for comfort for their hurts. People who usually turn to food for their comfort gain a mechanism for coping that doesn’t judge them or tell them no. To complicate it even further the pleasurable foods eaten do stimulate endorphin release just like in the case of exercise. So immediately after eating, a person feels better.

Emotional eaters make food a way of relieving their stresses. They hide behind the curtain of food instead of looking for a solution for their issues. This is common when what is stressing them is a horrible thing such as death or physical abuse.

But how do you come to the conclusion that you use food in this manner. The first sign is clear, too much eating leads to weight gain. In regard to a gain of weight, examine your other life areas.

  • Have you lately been under any stress at home or at work?
  • Are you dealing with a problem that you haven’t found a solution to?
  • Has something that is traumatic happened to you in the past year?

If you have answered yes to a question above it could imply that you are an emotional eater. Eating is not necessarily because you are hungry at the time, you eat because you just eat.  The foods you pick are what is referred to as the comfort foods.

  • High carbohydrate foods like the case of macaroni, mashed potatoes.
  • Food high in fat content French fries.
  • Foods that are sugary like donuts, cake, cookies, ice cream.

But help is available for you. The first step is to recognize that you have a problem. You will have feelings of guilt and helplessness. This guilt potentially ruins a person’s health and the helplessness is in the fact that you view no way out of your stresses.

Try seeking counselling. Numerous counsellor exist out there who can meet all your needs. Emotional eaters have no problem with their diet and do not need to change their habits of feeding but need to gain a control of their emotions.

The counsellor can suggest something like practicing problem solving skills, visualization, family support or relaxation techniques.  Visualization aids a person in seeing their problems in a realistic scale and not getting blown way out of proportion.

Finding new ways of solving problems and dealing with stresses will help a person to push food away out of the equation. A person will appreciate finding a solution which will replace the dependency they have on food.

Everything about Cavities

You can best describe cavities as a decay of the teeth. Tooth decay as we all know in influenced by what a person eats, the care of the teeth and the fluoride amount in the toothpastes used. If an individual’s family has a history of diseases of the teeth or problems with the teeth, he then may inherit it. This is very common as a number of people inherit problems of the teeth which have been passed down generation to generation.

Adults suffering from a dry mouth have a very high risk of cavities as they lack saliva in their mouths. Cases of a dry mouth are very common and normally they are due to illnesses, radiation treatment and medication. Users of tobacco will also suffer from the same as the tobacco uses up saliva in the mouth which leaves the user with nothing for keeping the mouth moist.

Cavities are essentially a very serious situation which if left untreated can result in total tooth destruction. This can also destroy the nerves which can result in an abscess. An abscess is dangerous as it infects the tip of the root and when untreated it can cause death. Although a person may not realize it, cavities are a grim issue which if left unattended can spread into something that is very serious.

If you regularly make visits to the dentist, he usually must check for cavities. It’s impossible telling whether you have a cavity or not if you do not visit the dentist. A majority of cavities develop beneath the gums and it will be impossible to see them. If a cavity is present in a tooth, a person can see it as there will be a colour change in the area that is affected. If you’ve noticed a change of colour in your tooth, you immediately should make an appointment with a dentist.

A big contributor to cavities is what a person eats. You are at a high risk of getting cavities if you eat a lot of sweets and drink a lot of soda. Foods which are rich in starch or sugar are eaten by the bacteria which is found in the plaque and this produces acids which eat through a tooth. This is a very harmful acid to the teeth as it eats the dentin and the enamel in very little time. If you fail to take action the acid continually eats your tooth until it will leave you with no option except extracting it.

In the course of time, the enamel of the tooth will begin breaking down under the surface of the tooth even though it looks just fine on the surface. Once the acid produced manages to eat enough enamel away under the surface, the surface collapses which causes a cavity. When this has happened and left untreated, the tooth goes on to be continually eaten and the cavity continues spreading until the whole tooth is eaten during which the enamel will have been gone and the root exposed, this is very painful.

Cavities are more likely to develop in the chewing area pits around the back teeth, near the gum line or between a person’s teeth. No matter their area of occurrence, the easiest way of spotting cavities is by visiting a dentist. The dentist will then be able to perform an x-ray to determine how bad the cavities are and he will then tell you the options that you have. If you get to visit him in time, the dentist has the ability of saving your tooth and stopping the cavity before its spreading throughout the tooth.

Eating Well During Pregnancy

You by now that it’s very crucial maintaining a diet that is well-balanced, but it even more importantly is doing this during your pregnancy. Whatever the pregnant mother eats, the bay also eats. As a matter of fact, your baby will actually take nourishments from you and so you need to eat enough and well for the both of you. The healthier that a mother eats the better it is for you and for the pregnancy.

Never miss a single meal when you are pregnant, particularly breakfast. The most important meal as we know for the day is breakfast and the baby probably has been waiting for it. You may learn this from the fact that if you wait for long before you eat you will start to feel sick and this is a sign from your body telling you to eat.

Ensure that you get an adequate amount of the essential food on a daily basis. For dairy, it usually takes four to six servings on a daily basis for pregnancy that is healthy, this may be inclusive of, yoghurt, cheese and milk. This gives the baby enough calcium which is necessary for the healthy development of their bones. Adding more calcium to the diet doesn’t hurt you either as it’s especially good for your teeth and the bones.

Never forget about fruits and vegetable servings. A lot of green is for the most part a wise choice and so are the sweet potatoes. Not only will this mean that your body will be getting what it requires but you’ll start gaining more energy. Try laying off the numerous sweets for a whole week replacing them with items that are healthier and enjoy the feeling you receive.

The following are foods that need to be avoided

Not all foods are safe to consume during the pregnancy, the following are a few of those that you should avoid:

  • Products that are unpasteurized.
  • Some type of fish – swordfish, shark, generally anything with high mercury levels.
  • Raw eggs.
  • Caffeine – chocolate and soda. If you find it to be difficult you can wean off yourself, but the less caffeine that is in your system the better it is for your baby.
  • Meats that are undercooked – Lunch meats

If you are not sure about the foods that you are able to eat during the pregnancy you can ask the doctor to give you a list of food items to include in your diet. Doctors are usually very happy to share this with a pregnant mother.

You will also learn that the stomach will have a tendency of not handling certain types of food as it did previously. Some of these type of foods are those containing grease, meat, fast foods and some of those with a strong odour.

Getting to eat healthy doesn’t imply that you need to cut all the fun in your life out, you still can be able to treat yourself on a few occasions. You can go out and get yourself a smoothie or a frozen yoghurt.

Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness is one of the first signs that someone is pregnant. This doesn’t always imply that a woman will only get sick in the morning. This may happen at any time during the day. Normally, it will occur in the first pregnancy trimester then end in the second but this is not the case with all pregnancies.  There are some women who may continue having it till the term’s very end.

Nausea may happen almost immediately or if you are lucky you may not have any morning sickness at all. Nobody is certain on the cause of morning sickness, this is a body change happening during pregnancy. A majority of women have the tendency of getting sick right after they take the prenatal pill, should try taking it later on in the day. The doctor can even advise the woman to take another form of vitamins rather than the pill.

A few ways exist of minimizing morning sickness, but they do not work for everybody. Try to drink some ginger ale as it helps in calming the stomach down. Another good thing to eat will be dry cereal. Ensure to take in small portions and through this way, you can tell if all will come up or it won’t. Another good way of avoiding it is sleeping, but it will wake you up all the same. Ensure to keep yourself hydrated as this not only helps in making the sickness come but you also may be hydrated then have the need to do to an emergency room if you don’t proceed with care.

Another factor that seems to cause morning sickness is smell. Imagine when you walk into a restraint and start smelling grease from the word go. This makes it quite easy setting it off. Certain tastes and bad smell, a woman should get a feeling of their body and determine what just sets off the sickness. If the know how to avoid it, this makes a very big difference.

One of the few reasons which might force you to go to a doctor will be a tendency to start losing weight due to the fact that you constantly are sick. If you are dehydrated, feel faintish, look very pale and confused or maybe throw up more than three times in a day you need to see the doctor to prescribe you something to stop it.

Finally, try to slow down a little, oftentimes the body may become exhausted from the errands you run and it tries to give you the break.  Try listening to the body, take a short nap or relax yourself and watch a movie…in short take some time off all the errands. If its remedies that you are looking for the morning sickness, you may try to buy pregnancy pops. Or if you would rather stay away from all the sweets you may choose to wear the bracelet that has been designed to help pregnant women stop their morning sickness, they are similar to the bracelets for motion sickness. They are not guaranteed to work for everybody but they may work for you.

Don’t Say It, Prove It: Why Reviews Have Such A Massive Impact On Dental Marketing


Reviews are extremely important… because they act as “multipliers” to your normal promotions and marketing.

See, when someone sees your website, advertisement, or any kind of marketing material from your dental practice, they wonder: “Who are these people and why should I give them my attention?” Your marketing materials (if correctly optimized) will answer that question in full. You’ll get the point across: You run a professional dental practice, you offer a quality service, and they should become your patient because you say so.

Do you see the problem there? Most marketing materials are all focused on ME, ME, ME! Instead of thinking about what’s in it for the reader, you focus on talking about yourself.

Use The “WIIFM” Mindset

To be frank, no one cares about your practice (as much as you do)… and that will never change. If you want to really speak with potential patients… you need to *show* — not tell — them what is in the deal for them. Explain exactly what are they going to gain by becoming your patient.

Now, similar to this idea of thinking about WIIFM (“what’s in it for me”)… you also need to prove what you’re saying. One of the BIGGEST problems with most marketing is a lack of proof.

Everyone claims to be the best, the brightest, the cheapest, the most exclusive… So much that people are not responsive to those claims anymore. People know that any practice can call themselves #1… So what? Why should they give your practice their attention, if you are claiming the exact same thing as every other practice?

Beat The Apathy

So how do you get by these huge barriers that almost all people put up to marketing? You beat it with proof. You add credibility, authenticity, and believability to ALL of your claims. Instead of just saying “We are the best…” You say: “We are the best because we’ve been voted #1 by these independent sources. And we have 5 star reviews from over 30 happy patients.”

Do you follow? This type of proof is necessary for ALL marketing messages… because people just don’t believe claims anymore. If you want to further boost your campaigns, try to get as specific as possible. Instead of saying, “We are loved by our home city.” You could say: “We have over 1,000 happy patients coming to our practice every month (or some realistic number for your practice).”

The point is that you need to stand out. You need to demonstrate that you stand behind your claims… If you give credibility to your claims, they are millions of times more effective. Don’t get caught up in the *normal* way of advertising without any proof — those strategies just don’t work anymore. People are actually more responsible to authenticity than they are to “pie in the sky” claims.

Join the new-age revolution of proof-based marketing. If nothing else, your marketing campaigns will resonate *that* much more with your local audience.