Why You Need To Swim


If you’re serious about your health and fitness then you need to be attending your local swimming pools. Whether you are someone who already has a good level of fitness but wants to improve further, or you are someone who has come to a decision that you need to make a positive change in your lifestyle, then now is the time for action. Here we look at why you need to swim. Having read all the benefits and positives that are associated with swimming, you’ll be searching for your local swimming pools and moreover be ready to dive right in. If you need convincing, or perhaps this has sparked a little interest, then read on for more.

It’s been a great summer so far, but swimming isn’t necessary a seasonal sport. With the right indoor pool it is something that can be enjoyed all year round, and what’s more it’s a great form of exercise that can benefit most people – even established athletes. It is one of the few sports that doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started, nor does it require a car load of equipment. There is also no barrier to age or ability, and indeed learning to swim in the first place can be a life-saving decision. But just what are the benefits of swimming and why is it held in such high regard when it comes to health and fitness?


Just because lots of people are doing something doesn’t mean that it is right for you of course. But try looking at this from a different angle and ask yourself why is everybody doing it? With swimming the reason is simple, it is because it is so good for you that many people have decided to give it a go. But don’t do it just so that you’re not missing out, do it for the right reasons.


You love to consume them, and it is so easily done, but when it comes to burning them off, you find it much harder to do. If you think it’s easier to burn 500 more calories a day than it is to eat 500 less, then give it a try. Whilst all exercise is important, do not neglect your diet and be wary of your calorie intake. When you do exercise though, picking one that really burns up those calories will help, and yes you’ve guessed it swimming is one of those exercises.

Swimming can burn up to 500 calories per hour, sometimes more, and can improve your metabolism at the same time thus helping you burn more away from the pool too. If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of swimming, watch a professional swimming meet and see just how fit, strong and healthy the athletes are. This alone will give you added incentive to get started or keep going!


Fitness isn’t all about speed, your body needs to be flexible and adaptable too. The buoyancy and resistance provided by the water in swimming helps the body become more flexible and supple which can be beneficial in everyday life too. Swimming also removes the stresses and strains felt in other forms of exercise such as running, where the body is subjected to impacts every time the foot hits the surface. This can create problems in the long term which swimming can avoid. Remember that nothing halts training quicker than an injury and therefore any sport that reduces impacts and injuries and supports the body has to be a good thing.


You all do it – without realising or thinking, but many of you will not be breathing correctly. Obviously you are not entirely wrong, but you can learn to breathe better and swimming does help. It increases lung capacity and can help you better manage respiratory problems such as asthma.


Because swimming is a whole body workout, different elements of your body will be working in different ways throughout your swim. This is particularly challenging at first, but once you have mastered it, you’ll soon find that your general levels of coordination and attention are improved through swimming.

Not only will your coordination improve, but so will your posture, as swimming is all about correct technique and form, something that you can help you correct any previous problems you might have had.


Swimming is not an exclusive sport. It incorporates all age, abilities, and levels of fitness. That means that most people will benefit from a fitness programme that includes swimming. In addition to swimming being all inclusive, it also provides a full body workout. All of your muscles will be supported and used to help propel yourself through the water. Just imagine trying to work each individual muscle group out in the gym, it would take forever. Well you don’t need to when you swim!


If you are looking to lose or control your weight, then cardio is the answer. Swimming is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that pushes the heart and body, whilst not subjecting it to any unnecessary strains. The breathing alone makes the muscles work harder as they are crying out for the oxygen that is more difficult to supply between strokes. This improves the efficiency of both your lungs and your muscles too, including the most important muscle of all – your heart.


You may feel a little self-conscious when you first put on a swimming costume, but once you are in the water, nobody sees you so you can relax. You’ll also be able to improve your concentration levels and will be less likely to suffer any interruptions when you’re in the water if for no other reason than your phone will be in the locker!

As well as benefits for your physical health, there are also benefits for your mental wellbeing too. You start to relax once you feel the supportive nature of the water, and you’ll switch off mentally to all things bar the swimming itself. It is therefore a great means of escape that perhaps running or other exercise cannot offer. It is truly a break from the stresses, strains and pressure of everyday life. For that reason alone everybody should be looking to swim as the world has sadly become a faster more aggressive place to live.


The benefits of swimming to the human body can best be seen on any professional swimmer. They are muscular, toned, athletic and simply put look great! Whilst of course they are professional athletes, if you start to swim, you’ll soon notice a change in your body shape, size and toning. You can lose weight if that is your aim, and you can bulk up in the right places too! These benefits can, over time, be attained through a regular programme in the pool.


You can of course choose to swim alone if you prefer, but the pool offers something that many activities cannot, and that is the ability to partake together, be it with friends or family. Including your children in your routine will not only boost the amount of time that you spend together as a family, but will also introduce them to the benefits of swimming at an early age so that hopefully they’ll keep it up over time. So whether it’s in a team, alone or with loved ones, swimming can cover all the bases.


If you’ve suffered an injury in another sport, then more often than not, swimming will form part of the rehabilitation, demonstrating just how good it can be for you. It can help you with any joints that are suffering stiffness or in the recovery from any sprains, fractures or breaks etc. As already stated, it can also help people with respiratory problems such as asthma and can boost anyone’s immune system over time.

Now that you’ve seen what swimming can offer, you’ll probably be disappointed that you didn’t start sooner. But don’t be. It is never too late to get started nor is it ever too early to introduce others to the pool. It could prove life-saving one day, but even if it is never needed in that regard, it will always prove life changing. The benefits are numerous, you’ll feel better physically, mentally and maybe even spiritually too. It is definitely time for you to get started and to locate your local pool. After all why wouldn’t you?

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