4 Investments Other Than Stocks That You May Not Be Thinking Of


You always hear about IRAs and 401Ks as the investments that you should be making. And to a certain extent, this is possibly true. But rather than rely on a money market manager that takes a percentage right off the top, you can invest your own money in a way that does not include trusting blindly people that you do not know. Here are four investments that can pay off just as well without the need to open up a retirement account for investing.


Every single year, gold seems to go up in costs. And while you can invest in gold through stocks, you certainly do not have to. You can actually purchase bars of gold and keep them right there hidden in your house. There is no need to go through an investment firm or a bank. This eliminates the government or some other entity getting involved and taxing away your retirement.

Real Estate

You always hear that real estate is a great investment, but how many of us ever follow through on this advice. Instead of putting thousands of dollars into stocks and bonds, you could invest in land right there in your hometown. If you can purchase a home that is in foreclosure at a significantly reduced rate and turn it over quickly for a profit, then why not do it. Investing in real estate may take a little more work, but it could pay off rather soon without the need to wait decades down the road.

Diecast Model Cars

Those same toys that you played with as a kid could be worth quite a bit of money right now. And while all of your toys may have been thrown out in the garbage a long time ago, it is not too late to remedy the situation. You can invest in diecast model cars and at the same time enjoy a new hobby. These diecast cars will give you hours of enjoyment as you hunt them down and save them for a time when you can sell them off at a great profit.

Comic Books

There has never been a time where superheroes have dominated the media as much as they have right now. Because of this, investing in comic books is a no-brainer at the moment. Find the issues from the past that correspond with what is being offered today, and you just may come up a winner.

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