What are probiotics and prebiotics and why you shouldn’t buy YOGURT DRINKS?




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Probiotics are living microorganisms such as good bacteria that is created by the natural process of fermentation of yogurt, kimchi and other varieties of food. Probiotics are available in the form of supplements, like tablets and powdered particles that are to be taken with food or mixed with liquid products like milk, yogurt, and health drinks. There are two types of probiotics:

Lactobacillus: most common form that helps to prevent diarrhea and treating it and helps in the digestion of lactose.

Bifidobacterium: found in some dairy products and are naturally present in the large intestine to prevent constipation in improving the immune system and reduce intestinal concentrations of carcinogenic enzymes.

Benefits: the benefits of taking probiotics are numerous; for example, it helps in weight loss, improved immune system, the betterment of the digestive system, helps you to get rid of allergies and improves the condition of the heart. Although one must keep in mind that the probiotics are extremely fragile and can be killed by stomach acid or heat.


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While prebiotic is a category of fiber that cannot be digested by the body like the peels of several fruits like bananas and vegetables like onion or garlic. If consumed, these fibers reach the small intestine in its original form as a result of non-digestion and are fermented as soon as it reaches the larger colon. The fermentation that takes place in the colon helps to increase the number of good bacteria that reduces the health risk.

Benefits: they increase the helpful bacteria in the digestive tract that resultantly reduces health risks. Prebiotic fibers are quite strong when compared to the probiotics and are not easily brought down by stomach acid or heat and have a tough endurance power. These fibers specifically target the areas of weight management, bone density, brain health, and immunity.

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Why shouldn’t you purchase yogurt drinks:

Classified as one of the most readily available and beneficial low-fat drinks, probiotics can be created through the fermentation of yogurt or introduced to the digestive system through yogurt drinks as an agent. Studies have proven that even though plain yogurt when consumed can help one with some weight loss and body composition, but the low fat, artificially sweetened version of it is not a good choice when it comes to your health. Although termed as low-fat, these yogurt drinks contain sugar levels as high as those of any dessert. Some yogurt drinks are devoid of fruit or beneficial fats but at the same time can contain Neosugar, Dimethylpolysiloxane, nanoparticles and even synthetic pesticides; even though these ingredients are not mentioned on the label so that you know it before you buy them. Some yogurt drinks contain pectin along with pesticide while the nanoparticles have been proven to be carriers of both health and environmental hazards. Therefore, the whole point of consuming yogurt is lost; when you purchase them, you are under the impression that they will be beneficial, but their prolonged storage with added preservatives and synthetic particles spoil the perks for you!

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