5 Supplements Couples Should Consider Taking For A Healthy Conception (and Pregnancy)


Deciding to bring a baby into the world is probably the most significant and exciting time for any couple. It brings incredible joy, starting from the moment of the first positive pregnancy test, to the baby’s birth, to watching that child grow into a young person and beyond.

However, trying for a baby is also a really anxious time. Once you make the decision to bring new life into the world, an overwhelming sense of responsibility kicks in. You want that child to have the very best start in life and to be born as healthy as possible.

You are also excited and impatient: you’d like you and your partner to conceive quickly so that you can hold your bundle of joy in your arms as soon as possible.

There are other potential worries too: fear of potential miscarriage, maternal health problems during pregnancy, or a troubled delivery.

All these anxieties are normal.

One of the best ways to help overcome them is to know that you and your partner are in the best possible physical shape. Being in great health will not only help your chances of conceiving quickly, but it will also improve the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and newborn, and safe delivery.

Optimizing your body for conception can begin the moment you begin thinking about trying to conceive. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Start by ensuring that you and your partner are both at a healthy weight.
  • You should both be eating nutritiously and are exercising.
  • Do not consume alcohol while trying to conceive, and quit smoking if you have this habit.

This way, your bodies will be producing the healthiest eggs and sperms they can, which, in turn, makes for the healthiest baby.

Being in good health through diet and exercise is the most important step to take, but there are helpful supplements you can take to further improve your health for conception.

For your own safety, always remember to consult your physician before taking any supplements.

Folic Acid

Long recommended by medical professionals for ladies trying to conceive, folic acid is a health supplement that has been proven to reduce the chances of a baby developing neural tube problems such as spina bifida.

While folic acid (a.k.a. Vitamin B9) can be obtained from healthy foods such as whole grain bread and dark green leafy vegetables, it is difficult for even the healthiest eater to be sure they are getting enough.

Ladies should aim to take folic acid tablets in the months before even trying to conceive, and right through the first trimester of pregnancy. This gives maximum protection to the unborn baby during the most critical development stages.

Men can also benefit from folic acid: research suggests sperm health is boosted by the vitamin, which can usually be found as part of male multivitamins.


Iron supplements have been proven to boost female fertility. Low levels of iron can prevent ovulation (where the body releases the egg ready to be found by the sperm). Without this vital process, conception cannot happen.

Many women will get enough iron from their diet. However, it makes sense to ensure you have enough iron in your body before conception so consider taking a supplement. Iron is used by the developing baby in significant amounts, and too little iron puts you at risk of anemia.


Enough zinc is a must for both partners. It helps with both sperm production for men and ovulation for women.

Zinc-rich foods include shellfish, whole grains, and dairy. If like many people, you don’t consume these foods regularly, you should consider taking a supplement.

Prenatal Multivitamins

Conception and pregnancy put a strain on the female body. The process of creating a baby uses much of the nutrition available from a woman’s normal diet, which means that often women suffer from fatigue during pregnancy.

Taking a prenatal multivitamin supplement alongside eating a healthy diet will ensure that both mother and baby have all the vitamins and minerals they both need for optimal health.  

A good multivitamin supplement should also contain the recommended amount of folic acid, zinc and iron, meaning you only need to remember to take one type of supplement to get all your prenatal vitamin requirements.

Male Fertility Supplement

An all-around supplement for male fertility can improve your chances of conceiving. A good quality supplement will contain micronutrients that help to improve sperm count and motility, high levels of which are needed for conception in a normal timeframe.

Note that it takes 3 to 4 months for sperm to develop and mature, so for you to reap the benefits of these supplements, you need to begin to take them for several months before you begin trying to conceive.

Deciding to have a baby is a wonderful thing.

Just remember to keep yourselves healthy and take note of the advice above to ensure successful conception, and a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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