6 Things to consider when choosing your Orthodontist


Braces are the most common orthodontic treatments, but they aren’t the only ones. An orthodontist’s job involves ensuring that your teeth remain healthy and are properly aligned. While you may not have needed braces as a kid yourself, it is possible that your dentist has just referred your kid to one! In case, they don’t have a referral in mind, you might want to look for one yourself.

So, what are the factors to keep in mind when one is looking for an Orthodontist Scottsdale AZ? After all, orthodontic procedures are a huge investment. You can’t take a risk with all the money and the future dental health of your kids involved in the process!

The following tips can help narrow down your selections and choose the right orthodontist for the job:

Consider your needs

Some dentists may also offer to perform the orthodontic procedure for you. However, the professions of dentists and orthodontists aren’t interchangeable! You shouldn’t treat them as such either. Both receive advanced training and education to become specialists in their own fields. Therefore, it won’t be a good idea to get the procedure performed by a dentist.

Of course, the orthodontist you choose should also be capable of fitting the kind of braces you need. Depending on the reason your kid needs to wear braces and your budget, you can choose between the various types.

The two most common types of braces include:

Metal Braces

Traditionally, orthodontists affix metal braces. These are lightweight pieces of metal that will bracket the teeth on both jaws. A light cement is used to glue them to your teeth while a thin archwire keeps the two pieces attached to each other. Each time you visit the orthodontist, they will use the archwire to realign the braces.

Invisible Braces

These types of braces have gained popularity among the youth. The Invisalign braces are invisible as their name suggests. Think of them as a combination of mouth guards and metal braces. Since they are clear, they aren’t as obvious as the metallic ones. But they are also removable, which means they can be taken off during eating and brushing.

Licensed orthodontist

Before you make your appointment with an orthodontist, ask them if they are licensed to work in Arizona. After all, they will become responsible for the future dental health of your kid! It is also worthwhile to revisit the point made earlier. Some dentists offer an expanded range of services that include orthodontic procedures. Therefore, it would be prudent to inquire if the person you are choosing is a licensed orthodontist or not.

Consider education and experience

Since orthodontists have to complete additional education and receive specialized training, they are skilled in various orthodontic procedures. After you have shortlisted a few likely candidates, who could work on your kid’s teeth, do some research to find out more about their educational background. A combined Facebook and Google search should be enough to tell you where they went to school and what kind of training they have. We’d also recommend setting up consultation after making sure that the orthodontist in question is a licensed member of the American Association of Orthodontists. The AAO is a respected organization, and its members likely keep up with the newest methods of orthodontic treatments.

Cost and finance

Lastly, but very importantly, your budget will dictate the kind of orthodontic treatment you can afford. Fortunately, reputable and capable orthodontists understand the financial importance of this investment. Discuss with several individuals on your list to inquire if they have any payment plans that could help with the cost. It is important that you are aware of the full quote that explains any and all fees you will have to pay. Don’t forget to ask the orthodontist about retention post-treatment! Ask around before you make your appointment. If someone is in the habit of springing additional fees on their clients, they are likely to have a bad reputation. That information should be enough to keep you from hiring them.

By skipping due diligence, you could end up causing unnecessary pain by getting a procedure done that isn’t even needed! Dentists who aren’t qualified to carry out orthodontic procedures might botch the process so badly that it results in future facial abnormalities. That is why it is vital that you do your research before you choose an orthodontist for a consultation! We hope these tips help you do just that.

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