Precautions To Take After A Heart Valve Replacement Surgery


Life after surgery is not same as before. There are a lot of changes in the lifestyle, food habits, movements, behavior and everything. A disease can change a man completely by mentally and physically. Heart valve replacement surgery is done when there is an inborn or acquired problem in the valves of the heart. The valves maintain one-way blood flow in the heart. If somehow the valves do not work properly the blood will backflow into the previous chamber and the proper circulation of the blood will be hampered which can cause a number of diseases including death. As this surgery is a very complicated process the patient may have to stay at the hospital for about a week after the surgery and also need a follow checkup in order to recover fully.

When the patient will be discharged from the hospital is totally depends upon the overall health condition of the patient. The recovery part is the most important part of the surgery because during the recovery part all type of complications occurs. So doctors prescribe to take proper care of everything after the surgery and also to do a routine checkup. If you notice any issues with your health like a headache, any sort of pain, vomiting etc. you must go to your doctor. This can be an indication of internal infection. There are some specific ways to take care of you after the surgery.

Routine Checkup

After surgery, it becomes very important to keep the track of your health. You may experience many unusual things after surgery. Sometimes they are a result of something serious and sometimes it may be normal. There is no harm in visiting a doctor. A routine checkup is very important during post-surgical recovery. It makes recovery faster and eliminates any other issues to occur.

Proper Diet

Proper diet means the intake of right amount of carbohydrate, fat, and protein. The requirement of these three components is different persons. People with heart disease require fewer amounts of fats in their diet. Saturated fats, obesity, cholesterol are true enemies of the heart health. Therefore, people who have gone through the heart valve replacement surgery in India must not intake food with high fat and also the amount of salt and sugar has to be limited. Otherwise, the rate of recovery will be slow down.  


 It is hard to do any type of movement after surgery because you stay in bed for a long time and also you do not really have that much of energy left. You need to put some effort to go back to your normal life and do all the physical activities like before. There is no better option than an exercise in order to do this. Exercise helps you to build up the energy and also increases the activity of the muscles. But you need to stay under some proper guidance. Do not try it by yourself. That can harm you in other ways. To improve quickly after a surgery you can join a yoga class or call any trainer to help you out. 

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