Different Ways to Go Green in The Office


As a business person, you have a responsibility to become more inclined to take good care of the environment. You may not be able to solve half of the world’s problems with pollution, greenhouse emissions and high carbon footprint but you can contribute to make this world a better place to live in.

After deciding to invest your money in a business, the next step you should take is analysing ways to attract more clients and earn more significant profits. But the question is, how can you go green and make more money at the same time? Here are some green business tips that you should take into consideration.

Install Solar Panels at the Workplace

Everything that is powered by electricity emits an amount of carbon that affects the environment. If you decide to go solar, you are making the right business decision. You will no longer have to worry about pollution because all of your equipment will be highly dependent on the power coming from the sunlight. Commercial solar panels lower monthly payments for your electricity, which gives your business a more significant saving.

Minimise the use of Vending Machines

Whether you like to admit it or not, vending machines are a great help to your employees. It offers them the convenience of enjoying a hot cup of coffee and eating some snacks during their break time. However, the effects of vending machines include increased trash materials that are made of paper cups and plastic wrappers. You can make changes by encouraging your employees to use ceramic mugs for their brewed coffee and regular glasses for drinking water. For those who are drinking soda, it would be helpful if they put all empty containers into a recycling bin.

Donate some of your Old Construction Materials

If your company is planning to undergo renovation, it would be best to preserve some of the materials. Old lumber, outdated furniture, bathroom tiles and galvanised iron often end up in landfills. If they happen to be in perfect condition, it would be great to donate them to charities so that they can be used for building shelters for the less fortunate. You will be helping the environment by recycling things into something more useful for the community.

Encourage your Employees not to Drive to Work

A lot of people prefer driving to work because it is more convenient than public transport. However, if everyone in your company does this every day, can you imagine the amount of carbon dioxide their cars produce in just one day? As an entrepreneur who advocates for a green workplace, you should encourage everyone to take public transportation, ride a bike, use an electric scooter or carpool. Once other people notice your advocacy for a cleaner environment, more clients will be willing to do business with you.

Lastly, it would help if you encouraged your employees to do remote work at least twice a week. This lessens the need to commute and reduces the use of fossil fuels.

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