As in The Movie: A Wedding in Las Vegas


The definition of Las Vegas, as a city in which everything is possible, applies to wedding ceremonies. You will not find such a variety of opportunities for your fantasy in any other city in the world. In Vegas, you can get married even in a one-of-a-kind chapel located on the 103rd floor of the Stratosphere Hotel.

As in The Movie: A Wedding in Las Vegas

Fast and unusual wedding

Regarding the ceremony, you can in advance reserve a place in the chapel through an agency. You can find their sites on the Internet, but in this case, you will have to choose only from photographs, and there will be no personal opportunity to get acquainted with the atmosphere, the photographer and other wedding planners to clarify details. In general, ceremonies are held from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., every half hour, however, the most popular hours are from 6 p.m. and the weekends.

Only here the Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe impersonators can become your wedding steward. You can also get married in any city in the USA, especially if you use under 21 car rental Miami. However, it is better to choose Las Vegas, as it is the capital of weddings, and secondly, in the entire state of Nevada you will be licensed in 5 minutes, and not in a week, as in other cities.

What is required to register a marriage in Las Vegas for foreigners?

  1. You have to get the ‘Marriage License’ – marriage registration permission.
  2. To complete this document, you need to come to the Las Vegas City Court – Clark County, which is located in Downtown and turn to the Marriage License Bureau.
  3. There you need to fill out the Marriage License Application and contact the clerk, when you get it.
  4. Registration cost is $ 60 when paying in cash, an additional fee of $ 5 is charged for card payments. For the registration, you need only foreign passport.
  5. Contact the express window with the received code (the form is valid for 60 days from the date of filling).
  6. The clerk draws up and immediately issues a Marriage Certificate, with which you already need to come to the ceremony in the selected chapel. Choosing a chapel is also very important and you should browse through the Las Vegas chapels well.

After the ceremony, you must submit the original certificate to Clark County Recorder for registration. According to the law, this must be done by representatives of the organization, which perform the registration within 10 days. The original of the document remains in Clark County, and a copy is mailed to you. Immediately after the ceremony, data is entered into the original certificate and within 10 days it should be sent to Clark County by those who conducted the ceremony (the minister or representatives of the chapel), and for speeding up you can make it yourself. A copy is issued the next day, but you can get it right away if you have only little time.

Pattie & Dwight's Las Vegas Wedding

There are many wedding packages for marriage in Las Vegas. One type of classic packages is called ‘Burning Love’. Without fees and taxes, it costs about $ 300.

This price includes:

  • The bride’s walk to the altar with an Elvis impersonator – at the request of the bride.
  • Three Elvis songs in live performance (you choose the songs).
  • Services of a wedding consultant: in practice, it turned out that this is a 5-minute discussion of the ceremony before it begins.
  • Photographer – 12 photographs of the ceremony and 1 staged photo for free, the rest can be bought additionally.
  • Video recording – you can watch the live broadcast on the chapel’s website, then the recording is uploaded to the Dropbox.
  • Bridal bouquet of three roses.
  • Boutonniere for the groom.
  • Limousine – it must be booked in advance.
  • Chapel pass for 18 guests. For a fee, you can invite more people.

It is hard to imagine a person who has never heard of the American city of Las Vegas in Nevada – Las Vegas is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and one of the most popular places on earth in media. Surprisingly, Las Vegas, unlike other major world tourist centers, such as Paris or Bangkok, is known to all for only one main reason: it is the world capital of gambling and casinos. There is no better place in the world for those, who enjoy playing such games! However, in this city in Nevada there are many things besides games. In Vegas, you can spend several days or weeks with delight, as well as play the fastest wedding in the world!

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