Taking control of your home: cleaning guide


After a long and tiring day, coming home and seeing a messy room, dishes all around, and dust piling up is every person’s worst nightmare. To face the truth, we can’t avoid cleaning, dusting, or tidying the entire house, it’s just that the works are simply too tedious and daunting. However, proper maintenance and cleanliness should be every homeowners’ top priority, no matter the working schedule and busy lifestyle. The key to taking control of your home and keeping it neat and clean is time, effort, and above patience. There is no need to dwell much about it, only follow this easy cleaning guide, and you will have an immaculate home in no time.

  • Day-to-day spruce up

First things first, if you want to avoid being overwhelmed with dirt and mess, you should strive for doing some clean up on a daily basis. Even though you might have a lot of chores and duties already, think about this clean up as a form of relaxation. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Play some disco music and do the dishes, do the laundry (if you have some, that is), iron one pile of clothes, and simply swipe the dust out of “visible” areas. Believe it or not, this clean up can take up only 15 to 30 minutes of your free time. If you have more time to spare, you could vacuum the living room and change the sheets.

  • In-depth cleaning

From time to time, you should make a habit of calling certain professionals to clean up the areas of the house you simply cannot reach or do. For instance, your precious furniture will need an in-depth and thorough cleaning at least once in a year, which cannot be done by a brush or vacuum cleaner. You might need to call experts with professional equipment to perform that kind of cleaning. The same is with your carpets. If your home has a lot of wall-to-wall carpets, annual deep cleaning with a special vacuum cleaner is a must. Last but not least, in-depth cleaning of your vents and around dryers and openers should be done as well.

  • The spring cleaning

One way to take absolute control of cleaning your home is to perform a thorough and meticulous cleaning every season. In Australia “spring cleaning” is merely a term or an excuse to do a detailed seasonal cleaning. With that in mind, you have to focus on the windows – spray, sweep and then use a microfiber cloth for an impeccably clean look. You need to mend the garden. Trim the hedges, clean and dust the terrace and patio, clean the gutters and downspouts, and especially check the roofs for any debris. If that is too much to take, you can always contact experienced professional cleaners in Sydney to do the tedious seasonal cleaning for you.

  • The inapproachable tidying

Every once in a while, you need to tend the unreachable places in your home. This cleaning procedure might be nasty for some homeowners, however, if your goal is to have a neat, tidy, and debris-free home, this work has to be done. Into the inapproachable category falls the refrigerator. We all love to put fresh groceries in, but from time to time you need to take everything out, unplug the refrigerator, defrost it and clean thoroughly. The same is with all other kitchen appliances. Turn them off, use lemon zest for a detail clean. Dust behind the shelves and vacuum the unreachable areas like under the bed or furniture.

  • The periodical home sprucing

There are many things that you can only attend and clean every three months, or periodically. Washing all your pillows, so not only the sheets, and curtains fall into that periodical time. Then, scraping the inside of the oven, reorganizing and cleaning the pantry, and sponging and cleaning the tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom. Check and replace the light fixtures every three months as well. Last but not least, clean all your cleaning equipment. You need to have a clean mop, vacuum, sponges, and buckets if you wish to have your house clean. For that reason, have an ongoing habit of washing and maintaining your cleaning equipment like a mop, broom, microfiber cloth, etc.

Whenever we have extra free time, there will always be many other things that attract and demand our attention. But if we do the regular cleaning by taking baby steps, we would have a pitch-perfect home in no time.

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