A Few Must Haves in your Comfort Wear Wardrobe


Nowadays comfort wear is becoming fashionable and the norm. This is one of the more liberating moves in fashion over the past few years. It is an acceptance that it doesn’t have to be comfort or fashion, but comfort and fashion instead. Now that we are in this era of not having to choose between one or the other, it might be hard to know where to start with when it comes to your comfort wear wardrobe. So here a few essentials to lay the foundations.

Starting at the bottom, something such as sliders slippers, is a must for anyone wishing to have the comfort that comes from the more conventional classic slipper, but with that modern twist that won’t leave you feeling embarrassed having to answer the front door in them. Sliders have the added bonus of being versatile for inside and outside use. They can be perfect for slipping on when you need to pop out to grab something, going to the gym, or even to take on holiday with you.

When it comes to trousers, nothing says comfort wear more than tracksuit bottoms. Over the years, tracksuits have become a whole genre of trouser in their own right. If you’re serious about increasing your comfort wear wardrobe, I wouldn’t limit myself to just one pair. The variety of tracksuits these days are enormous and I encourage you to explore for yourself all the different subgenres within this category of clothing. It can be worth buying one pair of high end trackies, these can often substitute for jeans or trousers on a night out if you get the look right. At the same time, it can be worth investing in a pair that are more heavy on the comfort side than fashion, for those days where you want to do absolutely nothing in style.

Finally, when it comes to tops, baggier is always better. Nice baggy t shirts are super comfy in their own right, and many of the top designers in comfort wear and streetwear, designing them with the thought they will be worn this way. Therefore, it shows this hybrid once again of style meeting comfort harmoniously. Baggy t shirts allow your body to properly breathe, while the oversized hoodies and similar items of clothing can feel like wearing a blanket, while not looking like you’re doing so.

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