How To Start Growing Marijuana By Yourself


Cannabis is excellent medicine, and the fact it ‘ now legal across America is fantastic. It’s expensive, though, so it makes a lot of sense that you would want to grow it yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never have to visit a dispensary again.

The process involves many steps and considerations, but with proper guidance, everybody is more than capable of doing it. Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at the initial phases to encourage you to get started.

Preparation is Key

Preparation is crucial for a fruitful yield, and it involves more than dedicating a space. However, these simple decisions that you make early on decide on the type and details of your project.

Choosing Your Strain

Different cannabis strains ask for different growing environments, so much of your actions later depend on this initial one. Make sure to take your time at this point for research and decision-making. Some key aspects you should think of involve:

  • The size of a grown plant. This piece of information determines the garden size and lighting you’ll need in the future.
  • Average yields. You’ll want to know at least approximately how much and of which quality your return will be. Both depend on the most on the care you put in the plant, but realistic expectations vary from strain to strain.
  • Long vs. short-day plants. The former asks a lot of light and short periods of darkness, the latter vice versa.
  • Flowering times. If you get this part wrong, your harvest will be quite underwhelming.

Another consideration is whether you go for seeds or clones.


There are many benefits of seeds, including the fact they’re ideal for first-time growers, allow you some space for breeding, and make for more resilient plants.

Plus, you can buy affordable seeds online from sites and receive them in perfect condition.


Clones ensure fast results and that you aren’t wasting seeds. They’re ideal for growers seeking a quick turn-around.

Setting Up Space

Once you find the ideal plant, it’s time to create a suitable space in which you’ll grow it. You don’t need a full grow room, at least not at first – a closet, tent, or corner will do.

There are several good reasons for starting small. First of all, it will not require such an extensive investment, and it won’t need as much attention, either. If you end up making a mistake, you won’t ruin a massive yield, either.

Think big, though. When planning space, consider the amount of room your plants will need in full growth, as well as lights, fans, ducting, and your movement. Cannabis plants tend to double (at least) in the early stages, so be sure not to forget that.

Moreover, keeping the space clean is crucial. Equip it with easy-to-clean surfaces and avoid not-sanitizable materials such as carpets and raw wood. Ensure the room is light-tight, too, as not to confuse your plants with light leaks.

Several other variables of importance include temperature and humidity, convenience, and even stealth. These are all individual, so sit down and think about it before making a purchase.


The quality of light in the growing area is the number one environmental factor for the quality, and sometimes quantity, of your yields.

So, it makes sense to invest in the right equipment. Let’s check out the most popular types of lighting you could use.

HID Grow Lights

HID lights are efficient, provide excellent value for the price, and represent an industry standard. Remember, though, that they cost more than other available fixtures.

HID lamps come in two main types – metal halides and high-pressure sodium lamps. The first kind work best for vegetative growth, and the second for flowering.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

This type of fixture is quite popular with hobby growers because they’re cheaper, come in a single package, and don’t need a cooling system. However, they’re not as efficient as HID lamps, so only choose them for small projects.

LED Grow Lights

Well-designed LED lighting can be pricey, but it’s long-lasting and does the job right. They can serve you throughout the growing stage and generate abundant yields.

Air Circulation

Plants need fresh air to flourish, so ensure a steady stream of air flowing through the grow room. Achieve this using an exhaust fan on the ceiling and a filtered inlet on the floor.

The size you choose depends on the heat generated by the lighting system.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis growing is just like more conventional gardening – you develop the necessary skills with time. Luckily, though, the beginning steps are easy enough not to intimidate you.

So, give it a shot and enjoy your plentiful yield without worrying about quality or discounts ever again. Before long, you’ll be shouting ‘I love growing marijuana’ from the rooftops!

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