Is White Food Bad For You?


We are often warned that we should avoid white food. The colorless food is said to contain too little nutrition and worse than their colourful counterparts. Potato chips, white bread, bagels, French fries and any white flour-based items shouldn’t be consumed regularly. We are often told that we need to have a rainbow on our plate and it’s a good way to eat. Green vegetables are loaded with chlorophyll and they are great for us as the source of nutrients and dietary fiber. Anthocyanin (blue/purple/dark), lutein (yellow) and catotenoids (red/orange) are things that can really maintain our health. But not all fruits and vegetables are colourful. Cauliflower, parsnips, onion, white carrots, white mushrooms and asparagus are colorless. So, does it mean that we need to include them in the risky white foods? All of them have minimal calorific content, while being rich in various minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Many seeds are also light in color, although they are actually light brown or something similar.

The health benefits of plant-based foods also extend to seeds and nuts. As an example, we may find black or white chia seeds. Although there are nutritional stats between the two, the white variant is still good for our health. The common rule that we need to know is that we need to mix our foods and pair them to get more benefits. There are seeds and nuts that should match with our vegetables and fruits. If we want our body to absorb fat soluble vitamins, we should make sure that there’s enough healthy fat in our diet. As an example, we could add some olive oil in our salad, but obviously not in our smoothie. Coconut is also white and it has good oil for our body, although it can be somewhat waxy. Small bits of almond and hazelnut can give amazing crunches to our food. They may be pale in color and easy to overlook, but their benefits undeniable.

It’s obviously a time to bust the myth that all white foods don’t have enough nutrition to our healthy lifestyle. It is more accurate to say the we shouldn’t be dependent on food that’s made from bleached and processed white flour. Those white and light colored fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are obviously good for our health. When it comes to fresh and healthy options, it should be much easier to make our decisions. Even for carnivores, some vegetables can be really tasty if they are cooked in a proper way. Mashed potato doesn’t need too much butter if we know how to season and mix it. If we run out of ideas, we should be able to find recipes that can be easily accessed on the Internet. We should be able to find many great new ways to create wonderful dishes with vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Although white-colored healthy ingredients are appropriate, but it is still important to make sure that there’s a rainbow of color on our plate. The meal will be healthier and more exciting to eat for the whole family.

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