How Athletes Can Properly Avoid Injuries?


Any athlete should know that they need to train safely to prevent any kind of sports injuries. It is true that not all sports injuries are completely preventable, but at least, you should be able to reduce the severity of the injury. There are different types of injuries, such as sudden tearing of muscles, ripping of tendons and breaking of bones. Even in non-contact sports, the progression of injuries could happen. In his competitive streak, an athlete can start to train excessively and they are unable to properly handle injuries.

For many athletes, injury avoidance should become a high priority. It means that athletes are able to improve flexibility, gain cardiovascular fitness and increase strength, without being subjected into any kind of injury. Athletes should introduce new activities with higher physical intensity in a gradual manner. Intense physical activity shouldn’t be performed too suddenly to avoid the possibility of injury. Athletes shouldn’t increase their mileage more than 10 percent per week.

With proper training, athletes should be able to increase their cardiovascular conditioning, as well as strengthening their muscle. It is also important to avoid training hard when your muscles and joints are stiff. After each workout session, you should give your body enough time to rest and recover. People who train and perform at high intensity are likely to suffer from injury when they are still sore and stiff. After a strenuous activity, we should give our body a time to recover for about 48 hours.

It is also important to avoid performing any kind of exercise when you are in pain or extremely tired. You shouldn’t push yourself when you are exhausted. Fatigue is one of the most serious risk factors in causing injuries. Warm muscles should be able to stretch better compared to cold, stiff muscles. When ligaments and tendons are still stiff and cold, tears are more likely to happen. With proper warming up process, enough blood will be diverted to all areas of the working muscles. After a physical activity period, you should let the muscle to cool down for about 15 minutes.

Any kind by-product of fatigue will be flushed from our muscles, when body temperature returns to normal. You also need to wear the right kind of shoes. In general, shoes should be seen as a kind of shock absorbers. During strenuous exercise, your feet will be subjected to significant amount of pressure. With proper footwear, the loads on your feet will be cushioned and you need to choose the best type of footwear that’s appropriate for your type of physical activity.

You should avoid wearing any kind of shoes that are uneven or too light, which can potentially cause injuries. Calcium deficiency, especially on women, will cause a greater chance of bone stress fracture, up to ten times. Women who have irregular period are more likely to have bone related problems. In general, athletes should check any kind of pain in their body before and after physical activity to determine hidden problems.

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