TOP 5 Weird but Useful Travel Inventions!


Your busy life makes you to take a break and go far from your everyday duties, obligations. You need to find a place to relax. It’s not a problem to take a car for rent from such a reliable partner as rental24h and go traveling and exploring what’s out there. Of course, traveling is the best way to spend time. Nevertheless, it often happens you face some problems and difficulties about it. Like what?

Your trip can be easily complicated with such difficulties as packing, telephone charging, transfer, hotels, and other things. There are many special inventions that are ready to help you at every period of your trip. Here are TOP 5 traveling gadgets that make your trip easier, faster, more comfortable. You can try to give estimation to every gadget from the point of view of its usability and productivity. By the way, these can be the weirdest gadgets you’ve ever met.

Camera Brace

Product: AIRHOOK

Helpfulness: 2

Price: $ 25

If you are telephone addicted, you want to spend with your phone or tablet as much time as possible. Airhook can help. This gadget can be easily attached to the seat with the help of special fixing system. It helps you to have more free space around to have a drink or take dinner without stopping playing or reading. So, if you cannot live without your telephone or tablet, you should think about it. Is $25 enough to enjoy your hamburger in comfort? The choice is yours!

i4+ Tablet Holder Black


Helpfulness: 9

Price: $400

Origami bag is the most helpful device for packing. Honestly, this is specially-organized bag that consists of 3 compartments. Each of them can be separated and placed into the hotel drawer. When it is time to leave the hotel you can easily reconnect it back to the valise. The problem of all tourists is packing. You have to pack your valise in such a way to unpack it quickly and wisely. You are digging through the layers of your clothes to dig out the pair of socks or something. It makes your luggage untidy and it is really difficult to pack it back into order. Origami valise can help!


Helpfulness: 5

Price: $25

This is a water bottle that can be easily transformed into the shape of a small disk. It’s so easy to carry even in your pocket. There are bottles of different sizes. The bigger one can be easily placed on your backpack side or into the car holder. The bottles are made in special way with special materials to prevent spills and tips. They are easy to wash into the washing machine with high temperature. Isn’t it a useful gadget? Yes, it is. From one side, the bottle helps you to stay hydrated all the time. From the other side, you can easily buy a bottle of water in the shop and use it easily.

My rucksack unpacked


Helpfulness: 1

Price: $100

The pillow looks really weird. You put your head in and feel isolated from the outer sounds and hits. You feel soft and comfortable. You don’t need to go to find a bed. It is comfortable to sleep even on the bench or at the table. Just put it on! There is special opening for mouth to breath. Of course, the pillow may be comfortable. But as a rule, people don’t need to isolate their heads to sleep. By the way, you can see nothing while your head is in the pillow. So, it is not good to use in public places.

Product: TIDY SNAP

Helpfulness: 9

If you want to keep your clothes in order while traveling, you should use special Tidy snaps and place it on the special board. There is a band that keeps clothes together, helping you to pack it in the best compact way. This is the best invention for people, who don’t like packing. Tidy snap can help to faster the process of packing in the most effective way. If you want to know the price, you can go to their website and meet other interesting packing inventions.

Kelly unpacks

There are many interesting innovation that are recommended to use in travel sphere. The most of them are really helpful. But there are also gadgets that look weird and unnecessary. Look closer. If you have spare money, you can buy it and try in real life to find out the usefulness level. Thus, if you are planning to travel to somewhere far from you country, you may know nothing on a new language. It is time to use a new invention – Communicative T-shirt! This T-shirt is designed with all the necessary icons/symbols you need when travelling. Just point to a symbol and people can easily understand what you want.

Thanks to whoever invented these gadgets!

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