Which one is the best Magento SMS extension?


Delivering the right information to the right client is certainly a key factor that enables you to lead a successful business. Your business plans such as discounts, offers and package deals to allure customers. Offering discount can not make your business happen positively, unless and until you deliver the information about discount. Sending SMS is one of the most suitable and trending ways to enable notification. 


This way it increases the level of customer service by targeting the right people and improves their shopping experience. In a recent research, it has been found that SMSs have greater response rage; open rate and read rate than emails or any other medium of interaction. No one calm deny from the fact that it is indeed the most powerful tool to enable notifications. In this way using Magento SMS extension can bring immense positive change in your profit report. There are various Magento sms extensions like SMS for Magento 2 offered by Purple tree software that can benefit your business by ensuring flawless sms services. Let’s check it out why you should go for SMS for  Magento 2 extension.


How it is better than other notification mediums? 


As already mentioned , by a research  it is proved that SMS are the best medium for the efficient transmission of information.Since, they get the SMS on their cell numbers, they get notification quickly, also there is no need to worry about the internet access or technology they are using to reach out them. If you send notification through Emails it can deliver to SPAM but not SMS. A very interesting fact is that SMS have more read rate then email that ensures the quality customer communication. 


Magento SMS notification extension by Purple Tree Software offers a comprehensive and powerful medium to send SMSs and targeting your customers and administrating during various order events operated in any kind of business store. With the new advancement, you can get this extension  compatible with SMS Country and Bulk sms as well, you can add on gateway, by asking one can get SMS gateway integration.


You can also use this technology to make Known your customers about their order status, change, delivery status , shipments   and each new order activity. Undoubtedly, If you are aware of  the benefits of SMS in Ecommerce or any other services, by using it, you can surely make a difference.  The best part about Purple tree Sms extension is it’s offer of more than 50% discount on the total cost of this extension.



A way out to successful notification delivery system !


Everyone wants to achieve success but approaching the right path can only lead to the destination. If you are the one who is seeking for key mantra of successful business then go for SMS extensions. Then go for this  extension, you can get a range of features that facilitates your business in most effective ways. You can get this services by approaching the service providers Purple Tree software who is dealing with this. To get the best deal, get in touch with them and save your cost, effort and time.


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