6 Ways to Make Your Hotel Stay More Eco-Friendly


Experts have predicted different trends for the coming year regarding the travel and tourism industry. Sustainable traveling is gradually becoming a trend that many travelers keep embracing.

Many hotels are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint whether they are home or away. A good number of them are proactive about conserving water and getting rid of plastics.

Although traveling has many perks but we can’t overlook its negative effects on the environment. The fact that you’re far from home doesn’t mean you should ditch your green habits. Here are six ways to be a green hotel guest.

  • Research your destination

Several travelers are using Findhotel to discover the best deals on hotels as they plan their trips. Set aside time to find more information about your preferred destination and available accommodation options.

This should be available on their websites and social media platforms. You can even get a glimpse of their eco policies or contact them to ask questions.

  • Skip disposables

It’s high time to invest in a reusable water bottle that is made from biodegradable materials if you’re yet to take this step. Single-use plastic is causing serious issues to the environment at large.

The introduction of mini-toiletries in hotels is contributing to this. Most guests rarely finish these products and will likely end up in the garbage bin.

Your best bet is to travel with your toiletries. However, if this option isn’t feasible due to one reason or the other, take the remaining ones along and remember to recycle them.

  • Take public transport

Public transport is still the best option to explore the local area when you’re on a vacation. It will enable you to get to your destination faster. On the other hand, you’ll be releasing more carbon to the atmosphere if you rely on private taxis.

You might think that this move is insignificant but it can go a long way. The good thing is that public transport is cheap in most cities.

  • Turn off the lights

We live in the era of connected devices and IoT. It’s now convenient to power down electric appliances as you leave the hotel room. In case the hotel you stay is yet to leverage this technology, handling it manually won’t cost you extra time or effort.

  • Avoid food wastage

One of the best parts of a vacation is the delicious meals. Nutrient-rich foods are inexpensive in most tourist destinations. Make sure that you will be able to finish the food on your plate to avoid wastage.

Truth be told, food wastage is causing more harm than good. The effects are even far-reaching, especially when it involves dairy products and meat.

  • Consider reusing towels

Laundry uses around 15% of hotel energy. Let the hotel staff know that you will be reusing towels. Besides, linens should be changed once or twice each week. This will make the fabrics last longer.

Once you discover a hotel that adopts sustainable standards, don’t hesitate to recommend them to your friends or drop glowing reviews. There is a high chance that this approach will encourage hotels that are yet to join the bandwagon.

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