Best Places for A Summer Holiday In Orlando



Orlando is located in the US state of Florida. In the list of places to visit Orlando is mainly composed of amusement parks. Urban planning is based solely on the development of recreational tourism, and there are places that attract travelers, appreciate attention and art. And with your family you can think nu car rental Orlando when you are in Orlando.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is easily accessible from the city center thanks to its convenient location for food and drinks and recreational facilities. It covers an area of 122 km² and it has:
• 4 theme parks,
• 2 water parks,
• Golf courses,
• A warehouse,
• Many hotels.
Guests staying at the hotel can benefit from such privileges as early check-in and delivery of packages for purchases.

Sea World Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando where you can get detailed information about the locations and content of objects available through the mobile application. There are 8 different areas called “seas”, where visitors can comfortably accommodate their guests. The show will appeal to tourists of all ages who see theme parks in live water and conduct treatment that provides host resources.

Disney Animal Kingdom

The entertainment center on the list of places to visit in Orlando has the content to go with animals of all ages. Because in the theme park of Walt Disney World have 6 different observation zones. As for the topics presented in other parts of the park, it shows where Disney characters can ride a roller coaster or participate in safari tours.

Discovery Bay

Discovery Cove is one of the three major ocean parks in the city. In the park that opened in 2000, there is an area where you can visit the coral reef and freshwater ecosystem along with thousands of tropical fish. Classic sections, such as aquariums of dolphins and sharks, are exposed during the day and educational activities are organized.

Wet’n Wild Orlando

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Wet’n Wild Orlando, a water park in Universal Studios, was founded in 1977 by SeaWorld founder George Millay. The first country in the recreation area in the named park, each of which has a swimming pool, where safety is always of paramount importance, is 17 slides of different structure and size.

Islands of Adventure

As you can see in the title, Adventure Island is one of the most interesting segments of Universal Studios. The park opened its doors in 1999 after the decision to expand the entertainment center includes 6 areas of interest to fans such as Marvel heroes, cartoon characters and Jurassic Park dinosaurs. There are also replicas of places like “Hogwarts” used in the fantastic movies of the park.

Madame Tussauds Orlando

“Orlando” Madame Tussaud, the 200-year-old glory network, Orlando is home to wax sculptures of the stars launched behind numerous successes, such as film, art and sports.

The Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral is an hour’s drive from the city center. Some of the facilities that NASA has used for manned space flights since 1968 can be purchased online or at the gate. In the space center space, several tours are organized, which are separated from the visitors, where you can observe the firing of rockets and meet astronauts.

Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe

Walt Disney World, thousands of Regions after the opening was founded with the idea that you visit the Catholic Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe when, Orlando architecture as soon as possible with the building on the right and the decoration made me a place in great interest for domestic and foreign tourists.

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Museum of American Art Charles Hosmer Morse was founded in 1942 Genuisom Jeannette McKean, museum, rich in content, which includes art lovers on the list of places to visit Orlando. The Museum of the American artist of Winter Park and the designer of Louis Comfort Tiffany demonstrates these parts:
• Ornaments,
• Ceramics,
• Glass,
• Paintings,
• Architectural works.
The museum, which closes on Mondays and holidays, can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays.
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