Online Taxi Hailing Industry in Indian Market


Taxi hailing industry is one of the popular among all as it gives employment to many and helps them earn their bread. As the use of the internet is increasing, the use of applications or websites in daily life is increased. With the introduction of online taxi-hailing, the user has achieved more options than before. With the increasing popularity of Uber in all over the world, many other business giants have started their own online taxi-hailing websites and later on applications. They have started earning the profit in other countries also.

Initiation in the Indian Market
After being inspired by the success of Uber and others, many startups from India started setting their feet in the online taxi-hailing industry. When they started their services, many predicted that they might not be successful because to reach to Indian audience with such a unique concept is not a piece of cake. But they proved them wrong, as the use of online taxi booking increased. The factors working behind the success of them were mainly the attractive offers and increased comfort. They started providing attractive offers which actually costed less than the actual charges and the comfort of booking and traveling in the air-conditioned taxi. These startups turned into successful companies and many of them merged to provide excellent services and with the intention of covering more cities across India.

New and Tough Competition
As the Uber entered the Indian market, competition among them and Uber became fierce. They have started giving the lowest fare prices to their customers for the sake of earning more customers than each other and to increase their popularity and profit. Now they have introduced the feature of ride-sharing which is a money-saving one. With this feature, the user can share the ride with others and money will be divided between all. This facility is gaining popularity as it does not consume much time and results in fewer charges. But the local drivers who are not registered with any of these online taxi booking systems are facing the problem of not earning enough as people are taking interest in booking the ride for themselves online. If the comfort is achieved with minor price difference among online and offline, people are going to choose the one that provides more comfort even if it costs few pennies more.

What about Expenses?
With the increasing use of smartphones and the easier availability of the internet, the online taxi-hailing has gained popularity among people. These Indian startups are making their profit from it along with paying the higher charges of having developed an application that could match the standards of popular application like Uber. These applications need maintenance too. The amount of money spent after the monitoring and maintenance of these applications takes much of the share from the overall profit earned. Because of such reasons, small startups and entrepreneurs are not opting the taxi-hailing industry even if it is one of the largest profit earners of all.

Where there is a Will, there is a Way
But with the ongoing change in technology over time, everything is now possible. There is an alternative which does not eat up a lot of share from profit and also let you own the application that you can use for the online taxi booking system. The application uber clone script is the one that matches perfectly fulfilling all the conditions. This application contains different modules for all users and it can be customized as per the need of the user. Entrepreneurs can choose this on-demand application over the application that he/she needs to get developed first and then spending money after monitoring and maintenance of it. Alternatively, the on-demand application like this will cost less and work perfectly.

What are we looking at?
This application contains various modules for the customer, driver, admin and many more. The customer module has an option of booking a taxi immediately or customer can schedule it later. Also, he/she can choose the pickup and destination point either by typing the address or just pinning it on the map. He/She can track the taxi on the route and also there is a panic button provided in the case of emergency. After the customer reaches his/her destination, he/she can pay the amount through a card or an e-wallet system provided by the application. The driver module contains the functionality of uploading the necessary documents to register and SMS verification every time the driver accepts a ride. He/She can also switch from on/off mode when he/she wants to accept a ride or he/she doesn’t. The admin can track the ride anytime and view it on the map. Also, admin decides and sets the minimal charges per km and promo codes or attractive offers.

The list of functionality does not end here. There are many attractive features and other functionalities that are successful to attract the user to use this particular application. So in essence, this application can attract many users towards it and can cause an increase in the profit earned along with providing business opportunity to startups.

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