Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in Dallas


Did you know that there are more than 268 million registered cars in the U.S? That means there are 268 million vehicles on the road across the country. And, on an average, there have been 6 million car crashes. More than a million people have gotten injured. This is why getting an auto insurance loan is a necessity. Not to mention that all 50 states of the U.S require you to have insurance. So, whether you do it for safety or to follow the law, the fact remains that you don’t have much choice but to get your car insured.

Individuals who are based in Dallas will find various auto insurance companies operating near them. However, not all of them are worth investing in. Whether it be the type of coverage offered, the interest rate charged or the package given to you, these variables vary from one insurance company to another. This is why it is essential to opt for a quality insurance company.

Here are the top ten auto insurance companies in Dallas.

  1. Gainsco Auto insurance

Gainsco Auto Insurance has been operating in Dallas since the past 40 years. They offer minimum-limit personal auto insurance to their clients. Rather than delivering the same policy to all, Gainsco alters their policy depending on your needs. This high level of customization and flexibility has made this company the first choice of those who reside in Dallas. Moreover, customer support is available 24/7 that helps in effective claim handling and query solving.

    1. State Farm

This company is one of the oldest insurance companies out there. It was established in 1928 and offers a wide variety of policies to its users. Among the various types of insurance that it provides, auto insurance is one of them. The company stands out because of its unique structure of allowing insurance agents to handle claim rather than claim department.

  1. Progressive

This insurance company is based in Texas and specializes mainly in Auto Loans and personal liability. However, apart from this, you can get insured on anything using the company. When it comes to auto insurance, the company insures a wide variety of vehicles ranging from motorcycles to cars to boats.

  1.  GEICO

GEICO provides its services to various other parts of USA as well. When it comes to Dallas, the company offers competitive quotes based on your driving history and the prevailing interest rates. The fact that you can get free quotes has fared well with the masses.

  1. Allstate

The chances are you might have already heard of Allstate. After all, it is the second largest insurance company in America. When it comes to Texas, it is the fifth most popular auto insurance organization. The company offers different auto coverage policies and competitive quotes. Pair it up with tools like Drivewise, and you will realize that this is an excellent place to get your car insured from.

6.    USAA

If you have been a part of the USA military, an excellent option for you is to get your vehicle insured from USAA. It is known for Its affordable packages and excellent customer support. The fact that you can access the company online makes it a convenient option.

  1. Farmer’s

Farmer’s is very popular in Texas. This might be due to the initial agriculture focus that the company had. While the name might confuse you, this company now offers various types of insurances, including Auto insurance. It provides multiple types of coverage and has a reasonable package for all.

  1. Home State County Mutual Insurance Company

This is a mutual insurance company that has been delivering its services in Texas for the past six decades. When you use the service of this company, you invest in partial ownership of the organization.

  1. Consumers Country Mutual Insurance company

This company is also a mutual organization and is based in Dallas, Texas. You can get boats as well as automobiles covered via their extensive range of insurance plans.

  1. Texas Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company

Even though this organization has been established quite recently when compared to other companies on the list, it has still managed to leave its mark. Apart from delivering quality auto insurance plans, it also focuses on providing solutions to farmers and ranchers.


Pick any of these top ten auto insurance companies. Get your car insured. It is always better to be prepared.


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