Smart Vehicle: 8 Brilliant Technologies Of Modern Cars


Modern cars have proven their ability to evolve. Every year in the automotive world new progressive technologies appear. Power steering, vacuum brake booster, windshield wipers, heated seats…can you imagine that a few dozen years ago these options were not available at all?

Unfortunately, there’s another opinion. Due to the development of technologies, many functions of the driver are performed by electronics. Such technical functions prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of “driving pleasure”. In our opinion, the ideal thing is the use of secondary support functions, which are more aimed at maintaining a comfortable stay in the car.

So, Rentalcars24H represents the best and the most useful modern technical solutions in the automotive industry…

External view cameras

Rearview cameras have recently become an indispensable attribute of all cars sold in the US. At least one camera should be installed on the cheapest optional equipment of the car. More expensive cars can be equipped with several cameras that will allow you to see the car on the central screen from all sides.

This function makes car parking much easier, and maneuvering in hard-to-reach places will be safer and more convenient.

Adaptive radar cruise control

Cruise conrols

Common cruise control is not a bad thing, but an adaptive system based on the radar is a really brilliant device.

Thanks to the operation of the system, the car automatically detects the speed of the transport ahead of you and adjusts the distance to a safe interval. With adaptive radar cruise control you can relax a little and don’t strain on the highway in a traffic jam. This smart device will do some work for you.

Magnetic Ride Control’ Suspension

2008 Chevrolet Hertz Corvette ZHZ Special Edition (8 of 10)

Magnetic adaptive suspension is also included into the list of top devices to enhance the convenience and controllability of the car. Using a special fluid, shock absorbers can instantly become stiff as in a sports car, or soft, as if you are traveling on a limousine. Everything will depend on the purpose, speed mode and the road surface under the wheels. The essence of the technology is based on the supply of electricity to the anode, which changes the physical properties of the damping fluid.

This unique technology is extremely popular among manufacturers of sports cars: it’s used by everyone – from Corvette to Ferrari.

Dual-clutch transmission

Twin Clutch Transmission

We know that nothing can compare with the feeling of controlling a manual transmission. But if you have an automatic transmission installed, you will not be mistaken with a choice if you prefer a dual clutch. The switching will be smooth and incredibly quick, which raises the comfort of the trip to a new level, and the response time of the transmission is unlikely to be higher.

E-limited slip differential

Auto Union Type C Rennwagen 1937 front suspension

Mechanical self-locking differentials have proven themselves in the 90’s. But progress doesn’t stand still. If you want to feel what a car with advanced technologies on board is, you must try an electronic system. Depending on which turn you enter in, it can lock/unlock the desired side and send power to the desired wheel, which needs the torque most.

Blind spot monitor

Leave worries behind with available Blind Spot Monitoring on the FIAT® #500X crossover. #🚗 #FIAT #FIATUSA #Ciaobaby #FIATlove #500Love #FIATfamily #Italian #CarPorn #CarsWithoutLimits #ItalianStyle #ItalianCar #crossover #cars #auto #ca

This is another extremely important and convenient safety system. Everyone knows that long and bulky cars in mirrors have so-called ‘blind’ zones. Therefore, you may not notice even a large vehicle in the rear-view mirrors. In order to prevent this, automakers started to install on the external mirrors special indicators, controlled by computer and cameras. If there’s a car on the next lane and you cannot change the traffic row – Blind spot monitor will tell you about it.

Head-Up display

Head-up display devices are on sale, can keep you safer on the road

Nothing should distract the driver from the situation happening on the road. Unfortunately, everything is a little different in real life. Sometimes you need to change the track on the central display, and check out how much fuel is left in the tank. In order to see all the necessary in front of your eyes, Head-up display was created.

Head-Up projector is a multi-segment color display located above the dashboard of the car, which projects the readings of physical instruments (speed, engine speed, voltage in the vehicle’s on-board network, coolant temperature, amount of fuel in the tank) to the windshield directly in front of the driver.

Collision prevention assistant

One of the most common causes of severe road accidents is too little distance to the car moving ahead of you. The Collision Prevention Assistant helps to minimize the threat of an accident. This auxiliary system combines the functions of monitoring the safe interval and automatic partial braking.

If at a travel speed of 30-250 km/h the safe interval to the vehicle in front is not sufficient for a few seconds, then a warning indicator lights up in the instrument cluster. In case there’s no response from the driver, the system will automatically perform partial braking. Due to this, the speed is significantly reduced, and the driver again receives a warning signal by vibration of the steering wheel.

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