How To Prepare For A Family Road Trip


When the whole family sets out to go on a road trip, it can either be an adventure-packed journey, or challenging and sweaty experience. Sometimes we simply tend to pack too many necessary things, very often for “just in case” situation. In order not overpack or underpack, or drag everything alongside kids and luggage, you had better prepare diligently in advance. Of course, there will be a few things that you will have to do or carry, but in an ideal scenario you can follow this list and head out to an unforgettable family journey.

Check and tick

Believe it or not, but having everything written down on a piece of paper can save you loads of time searching and wondering what to pack and take on a next road trip. One or two weeks in advance prepare a list of things that you are about to carry and buy, as you fulfill each chore, simply tick it. A mental checklist can also work, but you might be to overwhelmed or excited, and the chances of forgetting something is more probable. Following a checklist is also very useful when you are packing bags for the road home, in that way you can track that you haven’t forgotten something.

Pack enough food

Whether you are traveling with an infant or a toddler, you have to prepare food, and lots of it. Actually, you had better prepare food for “just in case” scenarios. Only try to avoid packing snacks and other junk food. You have to bear in mind that you will be traveling with children, and their tiny stomachs might not handle spicy and sugared products on the road. Pack healthy foods and snacks, such as nuts, cashews, and fruits. A handy idea is to bring a cooler for sandwiches and fruit, and for food with shorter shelf life. If you are a big fan of coffee, you can bring it in a thermos for the road.

Seated and safe

No matter what model of car you might have, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Little more precautions here and there has never been harmful. It is vital for small children to stay seated and safely buckled in the back seat. No matter if you drive slowly and carefully, that is a must. For that reason, one of your family’s road trip absolute necessity is a comfortable and safe car seat such as the one from Maxi Cosi range. When they are seated nicely and cozily, with their favorite pillow and a teddy bear, you can hit the road without any worry.

Emergency kit

Nowadays, due to technological advancement, you can find your way out of any trouble via wireless maps, GPS, and social network assistance. Even though you don’t need to bring a compass and a paper map with you on your family road trip, there are some other essential things that you simply must always have by your side. First of all, an emergency first-aid kit, then if you have toddlers you must bring extra diapers and other utilities. Secondly, you should pack a hand sanitizer, wet wipes, a couple of toilet papers, a box of bandages, and batteries. Oh yes, you would certainly want to avoid child’s panic screams when they favorite toy stops working.

Plan some pitstops

Nobody can sit in one place for more than four hours, it is bad for the back, unhealthy, and tiring. Once you have picked out your family destination and downloaded the map, you have to see in advance where there are fun places to stop for a rest. You don’t need to spend two hours on that pitstop, but you can find a park with a nice bar where your children could run around while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Breaks are essential on the road especially for the driver, in order to stay refreshed and concentrated. You can bring along some toys (which your kids will surely pack for the road trip) such as Frisbee, badminton rackets and a shuttlecock, or a ball to play together on the pitstop.

Play some road games along the trip, sing songs, listen to music, and simply enjoy in quality time all together. Spending fun and quality time as a family is what road trip is all about.

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