7 Best Practices To Overcome Mobile App Usability Issues

Mobile App Usability Issues


Everyone strives for app success and usability is one of the influential factors to offer sure success. To bring usability, app designers must have clues of actual needs of users and be ready to incorporate in the app development.

To address usability issues, you must have adequate knowledge of factors that determine the app usability. For example,

  • Usefulness
  • Effectiveness
  • Learnable
  • Likable

With this insight into usability factors, let’s see the common issues that need to fix to bring excellent usability in your mobile application development.

  • Platform Specific Customization
  • Use Cases and Contexts
  • Inadequate Onboarding
  • Breaking Security Credentials
  • Not Design for Touch Gestures
  • Inadequate Information and Navigation Architecture
  • Distractions

I have given details of each issue and how to fix in my recent blog “Mobile App Usability- 7 Most Overlooked Mobile App Usability Issues” and I would like to recommend you to keep in touch with UX and usability app design team at SysBunny to assure you app success for the next project.

Author Bio:

Roma Kapadia is an SEO & Research Analyst at SysBunny, a standard mobile application development company based in the USA. She has a very detailed knowledge of the mobile app industry. She has a knack to understand client needs and always keep exploring new things in the emerging IT field.

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