Telemedicine and Heart Health – What You Need To Know


Telemedicine is trending across healthcare systems, worldwide. Consultants at EY Ford expect that telehealth has chances of becoming a fundamental part of the healthcare system by 2020. Approximately 80 million patients will depend on telemedicine.

Already setting its foot in patients’ homes, the question is how telemedicine might help patients with heart conditions.

In this blog, we’ll look at how our loved ones suffering from heart diseases can benefit from telemedicine.

What is Telemedicine?

With the evolution of technology, you no longer have to travel for hours and get frustrated when visiting your specialist. Many healthcare providers are now offering the latest Telemedicine services.

You can now video call, or even use wearable technology to stay in touch with your doctor. Your specialist will access your vitals and health data while keeping you up to date on the diagnosis and treatment.

The recent technological innovations have made telemedicine a strong and competitive methodology for providing medical help to patients in need. Telemedicine enables patients with medical conditions to contact specialists and health experts from a remote area, regardless whether they are hesitant or unequipped to travel out to avail the medical facilities. Such patients can get help with evaluation, diagnosing, and receiving treatment when required at any time or day.

Remote patient observation is a major challenge. With the use of telemedicine, massive amounts of patient information can be collected by wearable technology (like cardiovascular sensors), video call and mobile applications. This, in turn, enables providers to customize the treatment plan according to the patient’s needs.

How Can Telemedicine Improve Heart Health?

As the entire population gets older, it will be more imperative than any other time in recent memory to track and screen heart health. Based on the patient’s needs it might be to their greatest advantage to analyze the options telemedicine offers.

“At-home checking” can keep you and your specialist informed of any therapeutic concerns on a predictable premise. It’s likewise insightful from a money-related point of view. You only need to visit the ER when it is necessary.

This innovation can likewise encourage you and your provider to foresee the advancement of related infections with the same symptoms as heart diseases. For instance, an irregular heartbeat, palpitations, or a quicker pulse could indicate atrial fibrillation — a precursor to heart diseases. If a patient notices such abnormalities and encounters different symptoms, for example, exhaustion, chest pain, or breathlessness, they can examine these results with their specialist through video conferencing in a short span of time.

As any patient who has fought with heart disease can guide you that blood pressure and heart rate monitoring is an unquestionable requirement. Becoming an active part of telemedicine as a patient allows you to track your health. There is an extensive variety of applications that can be used. These apps help clients screen their heart rate, track their circulatory system, and even connect with close-by CPR- a trained specialist in case of a cardiovascular emergency.

Considering the data acquired from this technology, you can identify some significant way to improve your lifestyle. Applications can enable you to track your diet and choose healthy options. Wearable sensors can urge you to keep up a safe exercise routine and keep you from working yourself tired. Even keeping track of your sleep is suggested since conditions like obstructive sleep apnea are related to high blood pressure and heart failure.

Obviously, there are other reasons for those accurately following their heart health. For instance, consider how cardiovascular concerns influence your plans to travel. Being “too old to travel” involves concerns about security and our well-being. If you can closely track your health, abstain from overexerting yourself, and contact your healthcare in case you experience new health concerns, nothing should prevent you from seeking your interests. Fortunately, telemedicine helps you in achieving that.

Remember that it is never hurtful to be excessively cautious with heart-related problems. Wearable technology and applications offered by the best telemedicine company are expected to improve and customize the care you receive — not hinder it. It is time we embrace the technology called telemedicine with open arms.

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