5 Reasons You Should Not Worry About Being Single


When you are single, things around you may start to look grim after a while. In a world where rom-coms and soap operas tell stories of successful relationships, and we are bombarded with dating apps and stories how people met their perfect partners “by chance” via Facebook or in person, the fact that you stay single may begin to worry you. Questions like – Is there something wrong with me? Am I making mistakes that I am not seeing? Am I just out of luck? – will start to pop out in your head.

However, what you need to do is stop that carousel of thoughts in your head and take a look at the whole picture more realistically.

What you look in a partner changes with age

First of all, you should be aware that as you grow older, so do your preferences mature. This is actually a reason to look forward to the “scary” thirties. Yes, dating becomes harder with age, as we stop partying and going out to clubs like teens, and focus more on circles of friends, jobs, and so on. But that it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a person for you out there, and you never know how you may end up meeting them. The good thing about it happening later is that you’ll be looking more for substance than superficial things.

Marriage isn’t really the “big solution”

When you look at it realistically, marriage is beneficial legally and financially. Otherwise, it’s not really something that makes your relationship better. So, the fact that you see people around you getting married should not bother you, because what you are looking for is a strong and mature relationship, not a quick leap into a marital bed just so you are not alone and “just like everyone else”. Remember, it’s much more important to end up with the right person.

Being single doesn’t mean you lack something

You will often hear people say: “That person is so attractive and smart, and yet she is single, what a shame.” It is as if being in a relationship means that you need to have a certain merit. In other words, it presents being single as lacking something essential. There is nothing wrong with you if you are single. You just haven’t found the right person to be with.

You will eventually find someone

When you take a good look at today’s world of dating, you will realize that it isn’t all about finding the right person and getting married as soon as possible because “the clock is ticking”. In fact, a lot of people are more likely to postpone marriage until they truly feel ready for it. In fact, today the majority of people meets someone and spend some time getting to know each other, then living together, before they decide to take the next step. So, you aren’t really in a rush.

Being single has its perks

The periods during which you are single actually have their perks. During this time you can work on yourself and grow so that once you find someone, you already have a substantial “you” prepared for being with another person. Furthermore, you can experiment and discover what you really want from yourself and your partner, both mentally and physically.

Places such as The Hot Spot offer a variety of items that you can play with on your own or with a “friend” in order to discover yourself sexually. Our sexuality isn’t something that we have to only learn in a relationship. In fact, it may be very good to get to know some things about yourself before you choose a long-term partner. Next to being fun in its own way, of course.

In Summation

So, stop looking at your married or taken friends, and relax. Work on yourself and discover things that you want and need, both in terms of your own life, your relationships, sex, and so on. In reality, the idea of the “ticking clock” is an illusion that belongs to an earlier time. Embrace the present and eventually, you will find someone who is just right for you.

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